Top Six Islands in Cambodia

Top Six Islands in Cambodia

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koh rong long beach

koh rong long beach


Cambodia is really an awesome place. People from various parts of the globe visit this place every year. But why? Any reasons. Ya…it’s because this majestic place is full of islands. There are numerous islands present here among which there are six islands that are considered to be the best. And these islands are meant for various purposes. They are as follows.

Koh Rong Sanloem

This island is specially meant to relax. This has become the favorite of the visitors nowadays. Today, a large number of new places have also sprung up on the opposite side of this island .There is not too much activity to do here apart from paddle boarding, relaxing under a palm tree and snorkeling.

Song Saa

This is another island present in Cambodia, meant for luxury. The nickname of these islands is sweethearts in Khmer. Here, you can find a large number of resorts offering Cambodia most exclusive island experiences along with bottles of champagne. These champagnes are included in the price .Along with this, foods and international calls are also included in the amount charge by the resorts.

Koh Thmei

This island is loved by the people who love to watch nature. It is located inside the Ream National Park. It is a home to various animals like monkeys, lizards and also more than 150 species of birds. Even here, one can find various threatened species such as fishing cat, wetland feline, etc. This island has only one resort, namely Koh THMEI Resorts and this resort is famous as it is solar powered. Here, the visitors can hike, can watch various species of birds and can carry out sea kayaking.

Koh Tang

This is the best island for diving. It is located 5 hours away from the mainland. There are eight popular diving sites in this island and it offers coral reefs, a large number of underwater creatures like puffer fish, nudibranches, stingrays, etc.

Koh Totang

This is the best island for those who want to take a break from their regular life. This island has a single place to stay i.e. Nomads Land which comprises of only 5 bungalows. There is no internet facilities on the entire island and the bungalows are solar powered.

Koh Rong

Koh Rong Island is the best island for partying. It has a handful of bungalows, dense jungle, gorgeous white sands, crystal clear water, etc. Here, the visitors can go for hiking, trekking, snorkeling, diving, etc. Even they can get a chance to enjoy the night time activities. This place today has become a favourite destination for a large number of tourists.

Thus, these are the top six islands in Cambodia. Among these islands, Koh Rong is the best among all. Would you like to visit this place? If yes, then contact Koh Rong Island Official Travel. Here, you can find information about Koh Rong and about its nearby places. Even you can book your flight tickets and accommodation. You can also book a tour to various other places of Cambodia. To know more, click here

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