Changing Life: Thailand or Cambodia?

Changing Life: Thailand or Cambodia?

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If you are of those who dream of moving to a country in South-East Asia, but fear of not being able to find work, Cambodia may be for you.

Less inflated in Thailand, and with a more relaxed pace of life in the city, Cambodia can be a pleasant surprise, whether you choose the coasts of the Gulf of Siam, the city of Siem Reap (the tourists who come to Cambodia to visit the Angkor temples), or the magnificent capital city of Phnom Penh.

Those who want to change their lives, or try and work experience life in another country, should keep in mind two important details:

DO NOT CHOOSE PLACES INFLATED: it is good to discard a priori countries and cities from all areas, in order to increase the chances of finding a job. I’m not saying not to venture in Bangkok or in London; But keep in mind that countries such as Cambodia or China offer more job opportunities, and even in a short time. If not then you choose Phnom Penh and Beijing, the chances of being hired increases.

DOCUMENTS AND PERMITS (VISA): It is important not to forget that a country like Thailand applies strict laws about obtaining a residence visa. To date, you can no longer use a Visa Run to stay in Thailand indefinitely. In addition, the rules for issuing work permits have tightened. For example, for those who want to teach English, it is necessary to have a Bachelor degree or above and be a native speaker Inglese. This means that it is very difficult to obtain a Work Permit if not in possession of a British passport, American, Canadian, Australian, Irish, South African and New Zealand. Impossible, then? No: Krabi I met an Italian who has done it. Not to teach English, but to reinvent Baker. I promise interview.

And to work in Cambodia?

If you enter only for tourism, you can apply for a visa online ($ 35), or on arrival at the airport ($ 30), which lasts 30 days, extendable to other 30. After that, however, must leave the country.

For those wishing to groped the road work, it must apply for a Business Visa on arrival ($ 35), which lasts 30 days, extendable to one year at a time. This means that it can be extended almost indefinitely: the cambodian government is happy that foreigners entering the country. Foreign = Money.

Best island in Cambodia:

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