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Cambodia is rapidly becoming one of the hotbeds for tourism on our planet, and Sihanoukville is one of the primary destinations that people are deciding they want to spend their vacation days in.

Sihanoukville is also the right place to depart for a trip to the near island of Koh Rong.

About Sihanoukville

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Sihanoukville is a province in Cambodia, and the capital of this province goes by the same name. This region is home to Ream National Park, one of the most important nature preserves on earth, as more endangered and threatened species of plants, animals, and insects live in this region than any other place on earth. You will see many rare and unusual species that will leave you amazed and awestruck.

The province is just short of 1000 square miles in area, and is home to nearly 200,000 people. There are four districts to the province, each of which has its own distinct character. The cause of this distinctness is related to the location and the resources that are readily available in the district.

Tourism has rapidly become a growing industry within the region, but it is not the only one. There is a growing manufacturing industry, as well as agriculture and fishing. Textiles are another common industry to find in the province, and its rapidly growing development has led to a real estate explosion.

Sihanoukville not only encompasses a portion of the mainland, but also includes 23 small islands that are located within the Gulf of Thailand. Some of these islands have recently become open to tourism, while other ones are in the development process and should see hotels or resorts within the next few years.

History of Sihanoukville

For most of recorded history, Sihanoukville has had a very limited population. In fact, prior to 1955 there were no recorded settlements within the Peninsula area or the islands. There were people that lived in this region, but the numbers were few and far between.

The area has exchanged hands from about 1700 on. This is included ownership by Vietnam, Siam, Thailand, and eventually its inclusion within the nation of Cambodia. The British have even had a stake to this region as late as the 1850s.

Around 1863, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos all fell under the control of the French government. This meant that the province of Sihanoukville also fell under the protectorate of the French government, and this province was officially sanctioned as part of the nation of Cambodia.

In 1854 the nation of Cambodia became a liberated nation from French control, giving the land its first taste of freedom in nearly 125 years. Independence seemed to be a blessing to the Asian nation, but the rise of the Khmer Rouge in April 1975 led to a dark period within Cambodia where the tyrannical dictatorship summarily executed millions of its own citizens to keep its control. The dictatorship finally fell in the early 90s and the democracy flourished.

Following the independence in 1954, Sihanoukville became an area where the upper echelon of the Cambodian government would come to vacation. This was primarily along the mainland, with the islands still being used either by the military or for small fishing villages. The Khmer Rouge government ruined the many beautiful buildings and hotels that were in the province, often using them for target practice, but the new democratic state has seen to change its history and to make this a tropical paradise oasis for tourists everywhere.

The Beauty of Sihanoukville Makes It the Ideal Vacation Spot

There are many things to love about this incredible region, and it starts with the pristine and majestic beaches. This truly is a paradise here on earth, as he will find some of the cleanest and most sensational beaches on earth to enjoy. Consider that this area has not been open to tourism for very long, meaning that the normal issues that people would have with vacation destinations do not exist here. You don’t have massive crowds, polluted areas, or large amounts of litter. You simply have a great place to enjoy a wonderful day out in the beach or in the water.

Sihanouville beaches

There are several large beach areas along the mainland, with additional ones being included on the 23 Islands that are in the Gulf. Many of these peach areas, especially on the islands themselves, allow for a secluded time at the beach if you prefer that. While there are great activities for you to enjoy no matter where you go, you can also find solitude if that is what you are looking for.

On the islands the accommodations are primarily small guesthouses, dorms, or bungalows, which do not obstruct or destroy the natural beauty of the land. These allow for small numbers of tourists to stay at any one time, ensuring the grandeur is maintained. You will be openly amazed at how beautiful it is.

However, it does not stop there. There were great activities to be able to do in the water as well. You can swim, scuba dive, fish, or just spend the day out on the water if you would like. The waters are incredibly warm and clean making scuba diving, snorkeling, and swimming a great adventure. The life under the water in this province is really something to behold, especially considering that many species of plants and animals you will only find in this area.

I Love the Night Life in Sihanoukville

The fun does not end there, however. There are incredible shops, restaurants and clubs that you can enjoy while visiting Sihanoukville. The nightlife is one of the things that people really love about coming to this province. On the mainland many of the most trendy and popular clubs are right along the shoreline, often within walking distance from hotels and resorts. You will not only get to see and mingle with local persons, but also with your fellow visitors.

There are great activities on the islands as well. Many of these are for families, but there were also those for singles or couples. You can dance and find drinks at a very low cost, while mingling and enjoying this beautiful place. It truly is an adventure you will love.

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