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Cambodia is rapidly becoming one of the most popular tourist locations on earth for people to visit. This has led to a boom in the number of hotels, resorts, shops, and restaurants that are being constructed as the nation tries to keep up with the demand that is being generated by tourists from around the world.

One area that is on the rise is a place that few tourists have heard of. It is not a common name now, but as the construction in this area continues, it will not be long before a lot more people have heard the name Seam Reap.

siem reap

A Little About Seam Reap

Seam Reap is the capital city of the province that goes by the same name. Located in the northwest portion of Cambodia, this has rapidly become a popular resort town as it is the gateway to the Angkor region.

What makes it so attractive is that two predominant styles are easily seen in the architecture and design of the city and its buildings. Because Cambodia has been under both Chinese and French occupations at times, you can see both of their influences on the city.

Seam Reap is a relatively flat area whose highest point is just 20 yards above sea level. The population is about hundred and 75,000 with many being involved in either the day-to-day operations of the city or in tourism itself. This has been a very popular tourist destination for quite some time, with hotels, resorts, restaurants, and shops that are close enough to one another to provide for the needs of those visiting the area. This is not the only part of the city however.

What to See in Seam Reap

There are a wide variety of museums the tell of the incredible history of this area, including the Angkor national Museum, the War Museum of Cambodia, and the Cambodian Landmine Museum. Each of these tell of the history of this incredible city and region, providing visitors a look at both the positive and dark side of the history of this great land.

Because a wide variety of different countries have had a claim to Cambodia at times, you will find a diverse population with an array of cultural traditions that are present within the area. This is not only seen in the many dance performances that you can visit watch, but also within the handcraft goods that you can purchase, as well as the foods that you can sample. You will surely get an incredible taste of the beauty of the city.

Things You Have to See

 The Phnom Kulen National Park

The Phnom Kulen National Park

If you are going to visit Seam Reap, there are some places that you must spend some time visiting. The Phnom Kulen National Park is located about 30 miles from the heart of Seam Reap, but is a beautiful place to visit. The numerous attractions that you will be able to see here include two waterfalls and the Kbal Spean, also known as the “River of 1000 Lingas.” This is an absolutely spectacular place that really harnesses the beauty of this incredible land.

River of 1000 Lingas

River of 1000 Lingas

The Floating Villages on Tonle Sap Lake is another must-see destination. These three floating villages live on the lake the surrounds the western portion of Seam Reap. None of them actually sits on land, but is held up on the lake by an elaborate set of structures that keep the villages floating. It is truly spectacular to see in person.

tonle sap floating village

tonle sap floating village

Just minutes 20 miles northeast of Seam Reap you will find the Banteay Srei, a 10th century temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. This is built largely of red sandstone and the decorative carvings and ornaments that surround the temple are truly spectacular. The temple has been in existence for over 1100 years but was not discovered until 1914. In the year 2000, a restoration project began to restore the temple back to its original beauty. While some of the statues and ornaments have been stolen over the centuries you will still enjoy the time you spend at this incredible site.

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei

Just north of Seam Reap you will find the temple complex and Angkor is known as Phnom Dei. This was once the capital of the Khmer Empire, which dominated this region in the closing years of the ninth century and the early part of the 10th. This temple complex is spectacularly designed and has remained a beautiful relic of an ancient civilization.

angkor wat

angkor wat

How to get to Seam Reap

For those looking to visit this beautiful city, there were a large number of airlines that provide service into the Seam Reap International Airport. If you have not obtained a visa prior to coming to the country, you can obtain one of these at the airport itself, which will grant you access to tour and enjoy the city. Just as a note, all visas must be paid for with US dollars.

Once you arrive at the airport there are a wide variety of services that can get you to local hotels or resorts. Many of these hotels provide shuttle services between their complex and the airport, but you can rent a taxi or ride a shuttle to most places for less than $10.

Enjoying the Beauty of Seam Reap

One of the things that people really love about visiting this beautiful city is that much of the sites that you would wish to see her within walking distance from any resort hotel you could be staying at. The city center has a great set of paths that make it easy to get around. For those who wish to see things a little quicker you can rent a bicycle for about two dollars a day. Taxis and buses are also available, as are motorbikes for you to rent.

What’s on the Horizon for Seam Reap

It is nearly impossible to tell you about all the great things that you can see in this beautiful city. It is a spectacular destination that will leave you with years of memories that you can share with friends and family. The popularity of the city is giving rise to a whole series of new resorts, restaurants, and shops that are being built. You may find that a visit there now will be drastically different if you appear there four or five years from now. The city is only getting to be an even more beautiful spot to visit.



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