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One of the most beautiful places that a person can visit on earth is Ream National Park.

Located in Cambodia, this nature preserve has quickly become one of the most sought after tourist destinations on earth. With its diverse wildlife, amazing sunsets, and commitment to preserving the natural beauty of Cambodia, there are few places on earth that you will find that are as enjoyable to visit on the planet Earth.

The Background of Ream National Park


The Ream National Park includes a portion of the Cambodian mainland, the waters from the Gulf of Thailand that surround the area, as well as 23 small islands. The nature preserve is 81 square miles in area, and is home to the largest number of endangered and threatened species on earth. This is one of the reasons why this is such a beautiful place to visit. There are so many different animals, plants, and insects that you can see here, that you will not find anywhere else on earth.

Only 30,000 people live within the park itself. The government of Cambodia’s commitment to ensure that this land maintains its beauty and is a safe haven for animals and plants alike has made it so that only a very small number of people are allowed to live within the preserve. Located in the Sihanoukville Province, the land is situated in the southwestern portion of Cambodia directly along the Gulf of Thailand.

What You Will See, You Will See Nowhere Else

Why so many people want to visit this area is because of the amazing array of plants and animals that can be seen here. Animals such as the rhesus monkey, dolphins, mouse deer, pelicans, turtles, and seahorses are just the tip of the iceberg for what a person will find. In fact, there are over 10,000 various species of birds that anyone could find at various points of the year within the nature preserve.

It does not end there however. The waters are truly spectacular to swim in, as the subtropical temperatures make this a warm and inviting place to swim, scuba dive, or snorkel. Many people love to fish and this region because the warm waters attract a large number of diverse kinds of fish that want to bask in the warmth of this area. You will find coral as well as other unusual underwater life along the islands in the coastline.

Limitation Makes Ream National Park So Amazing

One of the things that make this such a spectacular place to visit is that tourism has only been open in the area within the last couple of decades. In fact, only five islands have built bungalows or guest houses on them for tourists, and that has only been within the last 5 to 10 years. What this means is that you weren’t going to have massive overcrowding, pollution, or littering, and you will find that a large portion of the area gets its electricity from solar panels. This is not just a nature preserve in name only. This is a place committed to protecting the natural wonders of this planet while also giving tourists a great place to spend a vacation.

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