Where to Stay in Koh Rong

Where to Stay in Koh Rong

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Where to Stay in Koh Rong

The beautiful island of Koh Rong is quickly attracting more and more people, due to the extreme beauty and relaxation that can be found there. However, it does make many travelers ask the question, “Where to stay in Koh Rong?”, more often than not, simply because they are not familiar with the area.

Here are 11 places everyone should think about when considering where to stay in Koh Rong:

  1. Sok San Beach Resort

Sok San Beach Resort

The Sok San Beach Resort can be found directly on Long Beach, which is not too far from the charming Khmer San Sok fishing village. During a stay at this resort, guests will stay in wooden bungalows that have private bathrooms and balconies. When visitors are not down at the beach, they can spend time in the open-air lounge or the restaurant. Everyone can also participate in activities that include excursions, cycling, fishing, and cooking. Those who seek the ultimate in relaxation will want to take advantage of the available massage services.

  1. Palm Beach Bungalow Resort

Palm Beach Bungalow Resort

This resort is one of the best places to consider when choosing where to stay in Koh Rong, because it is easily accessible via a ferry boat from Sihanoukville. Guests will love their rooms that come with bathrooms and private balconies, especially if they get one that faces the private beach. Everyone will want to spend their time snorkeling, canoeing, fishing, and diving. The on-site restaurant makes it easy to grab a meal when hungry and drinks are always available at the bar.

  1. Tamu Koh Rong

Tamu Koh Rong

Tamu Koh Rong is a four-star hotel that is less than four miles from Sok San Port. Every guest room has a terrace and guests will want to book early if they want a chance at getting a room with views of the water. A daily breakfast is offered each day and guests can choose from continental, American, or Asian options. Staff is available at the front desk twenty-four hours a day, which is helpful for those who have never been to this area before. There is an outdoor pool, which many people use after a long day of hiking.

  1. Long Set Resort

Long Set Resort

Long Set Resort has thirty-three different units and they all offer views of the water, whether it is the sea or the pool. Some of the units have a hot tub, so guests may want to book in advance if they want that feature. The on-site restaurant serves Asian and western cuisine, which is perfect for after those long days out island hopping and snorkeling. This resort is close to many villages and some guests may even want to walk to the nearby waterfall.

  1. Sweet Dreams Koh Rong

Sweet Dreams Koh Rong

This beautiful four-star hotel is less than four miles from the Sok San Port and guests will love the air-conditioned rooms complete with private bathrooms. Each room also has a terrace that either faces the pool or the sea, and guests will enjoy a continental breakfast each morning. Guests are more than welcome to use the hot tub during their stay, if they manage to find time between all the other available activities in the area.

  1. Bunnan Bungalows and Restaurant

Bunnan Bungalows and Restaurant

Some of the guest rooms at Bunnan Bungalows have sitting areas, which are perfect for relaxing in at the end of a long day of adventures. Most guests will relax in the lounge chairs on the beach, but a few will venture out into the water for some snorkeling, canoeing, and diving. The on-site restaurant is the perfect place to grab a meal, although most guests start by having a drink at the bar.

  1. The Royal Sands Koh Rong

The Royal Sands Koh Rong

The Royal Sands Koh Rong is another fabulous accommodation on the island, which is why many guests choose it when they are considering where to stay in Koh Rong. This resort can be found at the end of Long Beach and guests will love the luxurious villas that include an outdoor Sala lounge area. A few of the villas have their own private pool, which is perfect for those who do not want to leave the privacy of their room. There is a spa on-site and they offer a large range of spa treatments. The on-site restaurant, the Chill Beach Bar & Grill, serves Asian, European, and Mediterranean cuisine.

  1. Villa Koh Rong

This amazing accommodation can be found not too far from the High Point Adventure Park, as well as Tui Beach. Guests will love spending time in their rooms, but many will venture outside to stroll along the pathways in the garden. Those who want to learn how to dive, or those who are experienced, can take a one-minute walk to the nearby Koh Rong Dive Center.

  1. U&Me Bungalows

U&Me Bungalows

Long Beach is only steps from the U&Me Bungalows, which means that guests can relax and enjoy themselves whenever they wish during their stay. Each guest room has a balcony and a private bathroom, and guests will enjoy free water, coffee, and tea all day long.

  1. Firefly Guesthouse

Firefly Guesthouse

The Firefly Guesthouse is a little further from some of the main attractions on this side of Koh Rong Island, but that doesn’t mean that guests will not thoroughly enjoy their stay. Every room has a private bathroom, sitting area, and terrace. There are many activities that guests can participate in during their stay. The on-site restaurant serves Asian cuisine.

  1. Reef on the Beach

Reef on the Beach

This beautiful hotel can be found directly on Long Set Beach and it can easily be reached by boat from either Sihanoukville or Koh Toch. Guests will enjoy themselves as they go canoeing, snorkeling, and diving out in the water. Every guest will enjoy laying in a hammock as they sway back and forth looking out over the water.

These are the eleven places everyone should keep in mind when considering where to stay in Koh Rong. Each one offers unique experiences, but they are all near one of the island’s spectacular beaches. That means that travelers can relax when they are at any of them.

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