Sok San Village Koh Rong

Sok San Village Koh Rong

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Sok San Village Koh Rong

There are many little fishing communities on the island of Koh Rong and while many of them are called villages, only a couple of them are the size of small villages. Sok San Village is considered smaller than a regular village, yet that doesn’t mean that visitors will not enjoy themselves during their stay. Sok San Village Koh Rong is much quieter than Koh Touch, which is something that many travelers appreciate.

Anyone that wants to go over to the island to see Sok San Village Koh Rong will need to take a ferry or slow boat to get there. The Koh Rong ferry takes less time that the slow boats, but they are both fantastic options for those who want to experience paradise in the middle of the sea.

Sok San Beach Resort

There is one resort in the village and that is the Sok San Beach Resort. That resort is a modern hotel that is filled with Khmer style furnishings and details. Those features allow guests to experience the lives of the locals during their stay without being worried about having the comforts of home. Travelers can choose to stay in a room at the Pavilions, the Chalets, or at the Beach House.

Guests of the Sok San Beach Resort will quickly discover that the beach is only steps away from their accommodations. The sand is pure white, while the water has a turquoise color that sparkles under the shining sun. Of course, this is all surrounded by the trees of the jungle and the rest of nature.

Sok San Bungalows

Visitors that arrive in Sok San Village Koh Rong can also choose to stay in the Sok San Bungalows. There are eleven bungalows, and while they are not luxurious, they have phenomenal views of the sandy beaches. Every guest will receive a battery-operated fan for those warmer nights, as well as a drink upon arrival.

The best part about both these accommodations is that they each have a restaurant on-site. That means that visitors do not need to venture further into Sok San Village Koh Rong or anywhere else to find something to eat.

Guests that want a more traditional Khmer experience in Sok San Village Koh Rong can stay in any of the little guesthouses and bungalows, that can be found right in the little village. The local Khmer shops are perfect for grabbing a meal on the cheap and many other daily necessities are available there as well.

While everyone will want to spend a lot of time relaxing on the beach, many of them will also participate in the activities that can be done nearby. Most visitors spend some of their time kayaking around the island, diving, going horseback riding, getting a massage, or doing a little island hopping.

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Massages can be done in the comfort of a person’s room at Sok San Beach Resort and there are many different treatment options available. Travelers should imagine relaxing in their room during a massage and then heading to the beach or the bar afterwards to relax some more. It is almost impossible to have any stress when visiting Sok San Village Koh Rong.

Another option that visitors have is to take a walk on the pier. This is a wonderful thing to do both in the morning and at night, as there is nothing better than watching the sun rising and setting in the sky. It may even be possible to see some of the bioluminescent plankton in the water from the end of the pier at night.

Visitors should exercise caution if they are out on the pier at night though. It is too easy for a person to choose to simply jump into the water from the pier and that can be dangerous in the dark. Anyone that wants to get up closer to the plankton should simply choose to do one of the popular boat tours instead. This will ensure that they can be out in the water and right next to the plankton and still be safe.

It is possible for travelers to venture to other parts of the island from Sok San Village Koh Rong, although, some places are more accessible than others. Koh Touch Beach and Koh Touch Village are just over a mile away, which means that travelers can walk there easily. That means that everyone can go have some fun at both High Point Adventure Park and the Koh Rong Dive Center.

At High Point Adventure Park, visitors can climb high up into the trees to zipline and race over suspension bridges. The admission price will allow a person to do the course over and over again during the course of a day. While some people will only do this fun adventure for one day when they are in Sok San Village Koh Rong, others will spend two or three days there.

The Koh Rong Dive Center is another popular place for those who are on the island, because they can learn how to dive and enter the water to see the marine life and the beautiful coral. This is the best dive center on the island, and they have a professional staff that is capable of teaching anyone how to dive. The dive center offers many different diving packages, as well as a snorkeling adventure, so everyone will find the perfect one that fits their needs.

Jungle Zoo Koh Rong

The Jungle Zoo is another popular option, although those who want to visit need to make sure that the owner is available for a tour. This little zoo has a gorgeous garden as well, so visitors should be prepared to learn just as much about the plants, as they do the animals.

Sok San Waterfall

The last thing that everyone will want to do when they are in Sok San Village Koh Rong is take the time to see the Sok San Waterfall. This is a fabulous waterfall that seems like it is in the middle of nowhere. Travelers love the tranquil setting, although the waterfall is best seen during the rainy season, which is the months of October through December. Those who are there when the water is flowing, will want to lay in the water while enjoying a drink from the bar. Anyone who misses the best time for a visit, can still see the beauty of the area and should simply enjoy the natural surroundings when they are there.

Out of all the places where people can stay on the island, Sok San Village Koh Rong is one of the best. Travelers should begin there and it is guaranteed that they will not want to leave, because they will be having too much fun learning about the Khmer culture from the local fishing families.

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