Reasons that Prove Koh Rong Island is Worth Visiting

Reasons that Prove Koh Rong Island is Worth Visiting

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Long Beach - Koh Rong Island

Long Beach – Koh Rong Island

You might have read the reviews about the Koh Rong Island, which is a home to many beaches in Cambodia. This place is incredible….and the beaches are superb. So, if you are wondering whether this island is worth visiting or not, then the answer is yes it is…Why? So, here are a few reasons that prove why this island is worth visiting.

Relatively undeveloped

This is an undeveloped and the second largest island in Cambodia. It roughly measures 78 square kilometers in area and is a home to only 1000 residents. A large number of people from various corners of the globe are coming here for the past decades

Here, the main tourist area is the Koh Tuich Village, which encompasses various bungalows, beach bars and few hostels. Here, there are no 5 star hotels and life is very simple in this sand.

Long Beaches

It is one of the best beaches in Cambodia. It is located around 43 kilometers from the coastline. This beach is very special. There are a few bungalows present in the rocky outcrop at the end of the beach. You can visit this beach either with the help of a boat or you can opt for a 45 minutes hike to reach from the Koh Tuich Village. You can see a flawless strip of white sand unfurled. The sand is powdery fine.

Plenty of activities

As it is a small and rusty place, you might be thinking there is nothing to do. But no, you are wrong .There are plenty of activities to do on this island. You can hang out in the beach; can lay in the sun, etc. Apart from this, hiking in the Koh Rong is a must to do activity in this island. You can also book a night time boat tour. In the night you can find a glimpse of bioluminescent planktons that glows in the water. Other than all these things, you can go for snorkeling, hopping tours, kayaking, and jungle trips.etc.

Above given are the top reasons that prove that this island is worth visiting. Do you like to visit this beautiful island? But before visiting, make sure to carry enough cash on your hands. There are no ATM services available here. So, it is better to be prepared beforehand not to face any problem. If you are interested in visiting this place and you are a first time visitor, then search the internet. You can find websites that can offer you detail information about this island and Koh Rong Island Official Travel is one of them. It is a travel guide that provides information about hotels, bungalows, tickets, nearby places, other places in Cambodia, etc. You can book your ticket and accommodation here. To know more, click here

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