Police Beach Koh Rong Reviews

Police Beach Koh Rong Reviews

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Police Beach Koh Rong

Police Beach Koh Rong is only steps away from where many people arrive on the island, which means that everyone learns where the fun is at quickly. In fact, many visitors will choose to stay near where the ferry drops them off, because they know that the best party place on the island is nearby.

The main tourist area of Koh Touch is not far from Police Beach Koh Rong, which is excellent for those people who want action from the moment they wake up in the morning until they hit the sheets early the next day.

This little beach earned its name, due to the island’s police station being located there. While many travelers think that the parties held on the beach are calm and under control, due to the police presence, they are slightly wrong. Some questionable things always seem to happen at the parties, so visitors should stay aware when they are there just in case. Most of the time, everyone is okay, but you never know!

The parties are held a couple nights a week, so travelers will want to find out the schedule for the week right when they arrive.

After all, there is nothing worse than completely missing the parties, because a person didn’t know when they were happening! As soon as the party starts, the music gets turned up loud and the local and international DJs keep spinning the tunes all night long.

While the parties go on for hours, well into the wee hours of the morning, most people will simply stay up the entire next day or catch a few hours of sleep before venturing back out for a little more fun. The High Point Adventure Park and the Koh Rong Dive Center are not too far from Police Beach Koh Rong, so those are two excellent options that many people take advantage of.

A few visitors will also take one of the island-hopping tours that are available from this part of the island. While there are plenty of opportunities to relax on Koh Rong, those who stay near Police Beach Koh Rong find themselves doing anything but that.

Here are what past visitors to Police Beach Koh Rong have had to say:

Great Fun

Awesome party and just the right amount of people for it, so there was plenty of room to move around and sit down. I didn’t completely care for the music, but I still had a good time. The tickets were only ten dollars and with bottles of water costing only a dollar, it was a fairly cheap night out on the town.

We ended up walking two and a half miles from where we stayed at the far end of Long Set Beach and only wore flip flops but didn’t have any problems. We stayed till eight in the morning to watch the sun come up and then returned to our accommodations.

Good for One Time Experience

This is what I consider a very small party and it is nothing like the parties that I have been to on Koh Phangan. There were probably one hundred and fifty people there, the DJ was good, and the sound was perfect. I wasn’t fond of the music, but I still had a good time.

Full Moon Party

police beach full moon party

I managed to go to the party on Police Beach Koh Rong when there was a full moon and it was an epic party. I recommend it for every traveler, because you will meet lots of other travelers and will spend the night dancing.

Amazing Party in the Middle of the Jungle

I walked through the dark jungle for ten to twenty minutes before I reached the party and all I can say is that those who try it in the future should definitely have a lantern with them and they should wear sturdy shoes. It was like a little adventure getting there, but the night just got better from there. I danced the night away to the music and would definitely do it again if I find myself back on the island.
Just Go!

I have been to Police Beach Koh Rong three times now and I still can’t get enough of the party atmosphere. When I have been there, there has been four or five different DJs, which means that the music is always changing. The best part of this long party night is the after party, which happens after the sun comes up the next day. Of course, once everyone is done partying till they drop, the area gets really quiet until the next party begins.

Loving that Place

I had the opportunity to perform some Fire and LED Hoops at the beach and it was amazing! Everyone took care of me and I cannot wait until I can go back and do it again!

Old School Full Moon Parties

I went to Koh Rong five years ago and I have been back twice now in the last three years. The ambiance of Police Beach Koh Rong is still the same after all this time and it is still awesome. I think that the drinks are a little limited, but the rest of the party makes up for it. I was impressed that they constructed a wooden house for the party, so that everyone has some cover on those rainier nights.

Great Party for Techno Fans

There is a lot of techno music played at the Police Beach Koh Rong parties, so it is definitely worthwhile for those who are fans of that music. We came up for Halloween and it ended up being the best decision we made. They had the whole beach decorated with multi-colored lights, as well as props.

Police Beach Koh Rong is the best party place on the entire island and while it may not be for everyone, travelers should take the time to stop in anyway. After all, no one will know if this party scene is for them or not until they at least check it out!

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