Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong Reviews

Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong Reviews

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Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong

Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong can be found tucked away into the tropical paradise on the island and guests will love the rustic villas that each have their own front veranda. Inside the villas, the furniture is all handmade, which adds to the appeal.

Every guest will love dining at the award-winning restaurant during their stay, as the food is quite delicious. They use as many organic ingredients as they can to prepare Khmer, European, and Asian cuisine.

As soon as guests wake up in the morning, they will want to venture down to the private beach to watch the sun rise or to simply enjoy the sights of paradise. There are many activities for people to enjoy throughout the day including diving, snorkeling, canoeing, sailing, and island hopping. In between activities, many guests will want to have a Khmer or Thai massage, which is offered down at the beach in a private setting.

Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong is not too far from Koh Touch Village, which means that everyone can make their way over there for some additional fun. However, visitors may want to plan their itineraries carefully, or they may miss out on some of the relaxation that they craved when booking this type of vacation.

While Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong is amazing, some people need to hear from past guests before they will believe it for themselves.

Here are 12 Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong reviews:

  1. Wonderful

There is a wonderful staff and a good restaurant to dine at. It is a calm and lazy place where you can enjoy a BBQ on the beach.

  1. Unbelievable!

Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong is in an unbelievable location and did not disappoint! We can’t find fault with anything from our stay.

  1. Great Location

While we loved the quiet that was everywhere surrounding our room, we also enjoyed being able to reach the area of the island that is known for its party vibe. While they play music in the common area, it is low enough that you can still hear the waves rolling up onto the beach.

  1. Great Restaurant

One of the best things about my stay was the restaurant. The food was wonderful, but keep in mind that it closes early at 9pm. After that, you won’t find anything to eat until the morning.

  1. Honeymoon Perfect

We were welcomed by the friendly staff when we arrived at Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong and were even given a welcome drink. Our villa was awesome, and it had a gorgeous view of the water. The food in the restaurant was great and the best time to be there is in the evening. We spent Christmas here, which was wonderful on the beach. My favorite spot was on the hammocks that some genius thought to put out over the shallow waters. So relaxing!

  1. Amazing Food

We loved the food at the restaurant, although we only tried the Khmer and Asian cuisine. I highly recommend the fried spring rolls, beef stir fry, and the amok with chicken.

  1. Paradise on the Beach in an Excellent Location

We had a great stay in a beachfront bungalow, although we spent most of our time out on the sand and in the water. Reception is quite helpful in securing tickets, making arrangements for island hopping, or simply for information of what to do during your stay. The quality of the food at the restaurant was amazing and I recommend that everyone eats all their meals there.

  1. Best Huts Ever

The common area is so relaxing that a person could sit there for hours using the internet or reading a book. Our hut faced the garden, which was nice when we were using the outdoor bathroom. We ended up eating most of our meals at the on-site restaurant during our four-day stay and I may have eaten more than I should have since it was so tasty.

  1. 4 Nights in Paradise

We spent four-nights in one of the huts here and it was better than I could’ve ever imagined. The staff is very friendly and attentive, and the common area is one of the best ones on the entire island. The restaurant had a large selection, which was perfect for when I wanted something different to eat. I thought it was a great value for the money and I can’t wait to return.

  1. Simply Fantastic

This is an experience not to be missed! The kitchen and music are excellent and add to the ambiance of the place. A must-stay for everyone visiting the island.

  1. Beachside Bungalows

The bungalows at Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong are a short walk down the beach from the main pier but be prepared to carry your own bags as you make the trek. The layout was great, and my bungalow was private enough that I wasn’t seen by other guests.

My bungalow was basic but there was a hammock and chair on my private porch. I loved spending time in the common area and the restaurant, although it was crowded since it was the only place that Wi-Fi Was available. The food at the restaurant was always delicious and we loved the large variety of options.

  1. Amazing Quiet Place

We stayed at Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong for four nights and these bungalows are at the quieter end of Koh Touch, which is perfect if you are looking for peace and quiet instead of a party atmosphere. We were able to walk to the village and the pier in ten minutes, which meant that we could attend the parties that we wanted to.

The beach is nice and there is a swing on a tree nearby. Our room was comfortable and clean, and we loved dining at the restaurant with a menu full of options. We had the Khmer and western cuisine and everything that we chose was reasonably priced and delicious.

Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong is a wonderful place on an island that is considered to be just like paradise. As travelers will see from the reviews, this is one of the places everyone must consider staying in when they visit this island.

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