Pack your bags to explore a beautiful location of Cambodia

Pack your bags to explore a beautiful location of Cambodia

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This holiday’s look up a delightful island named as Koh Rong Island in the lands of Cambodia and was represented as the second largest island in this destination. More than half of the island offers pleasing shoreline and seashores and it covers the area of 78km2 large. It was an ethical waterfront for the travelers who want a comfortable and restful vacation on a splendid sandy stretch beach. The island contains seven major bays and plenty of beaches which will make your outing the most impressive one. Some of the sublime beaches are:

Koh Touch

Koh Touch is the most beautiful village and offers amazing beaches. Here travelers can enjoy extraordinary views and also amazing night life as late night bars are offered in this destination. This was the only reason for which crowd gets attracted to this destination. This is the place where the sounds of nature rule over the evening and encourage travelers to go to bed early.

The seven kilometer beach

This beautiful beach is located at the end of the village of Soak San. It is very precise and adorable. This place does not offer much modernized base but it offers fascinating bustle that will absorb you in this magnificent island. This island offers nice diving and snorkeling sites for the barnstormer to enjoy. Fishing can also be done in this ravishing island and also trekking through the green forests.

Long Set beach

This beach is located in the north of Koh Touch. This is one of the most outstanding beaches on this island. It provides opportunity to view some of the outstanding views. Some of the unique views which will take your breath away are the white coral sand with the blue water looks awesome.

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