Long Set Resort Koh Rong Reviews

Long Set Resort Koh Rong Reviews

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Long Set Resort Koh Rong

Long Set Resort Koh Rong is a beautiful resort located on the shores of Long Set Beach and it is the most popular of all the available options. Those who choose to stay at this resort will find that they need to fly into the Sihanoukville International Airport prior to boarding a boat for the trip over to the island.

There are currently four different boats that travelers can take between the mainland and the island. Those options include Speed Ferry Cambodia, Buva Sea Cambodia, GTVC Speed Boat, and the Island Speed Ferry Cambodia. The last one offers travelers a journey that takes that least amount of time, which means that they can be on the island within forty-five minutes or less.

The other three options take a little longer, but whichever one a person takes, they will find themselves amongst the beauty of the island within an hour or two.

There are five different villas at the Long Set Resort Koh Rong with a total of thirty-three in all. They include the deluxe twin villa with a pool view, a deluxe twin villa with a sea view, a deluxe double villa with a pool view, a deluxe double villa with a garden view, and the deluxe twin villa with the garden view. As guests can see, each room offers spectacular views, and they have private balconies that are perfect for enjoying those views.

Long Set Resort

While there are many amenities that guests can enjoy during their stay, one of the most popular is the breakfast that is included within the room rates. Guests will also find that they can use complimentary Wi-Fi and the fitness center before venturing out to ride a motorbike, bicycle, or row a kayak. Guests can even sign up for one of the many adventure tours that are available on the island.

Everyone will find themselves dining at the Long Set Restaurant at some point during their stay, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even hi-tea time. The restaurant opens at seven in the morning and stays open until eleven at night, which means that everyone has plenty of time to find their way there for a bite of western or Asian cuisine and a drink.

The best part is that as people are enjoying their meal, they can look out towards the beach and the water. There is also a poolside beverage and food service that guests can utilize when they are in the pool, relaxing and enjoying the warm sunshine.

Long Set Resort Restaurant

Here are a few reviews from past guests who have stayed at the Long Set Resort Koh Rong:

  1. The Most Beautiful Beach on the Island

Long Set Resort Koh Rong happens to be on the most beautiful beach on the island! At least, that is our opinion! We found that the resort is quite peaceful, the bungalows are in the tranquil gardens, and the breakfast buffet is amazing. We went for our ten-year anniversary and when we arrived, our entire bed was covered in fragrant flowers. The staff even left us a bottle of champagne and a fruit platter. We walked on the beach every evening, as it was the perfect way to end the day.

  1. Friendly Staff

The staff was friendly and very accommodating during our stay. This happens to be the calmest beach on the entire island and even on Koh Rong Samloem. I have stayed at two other resorts on both islands and Long Set Resort Koh Rong happens to be my favorite of all three.

  1. Good Breakfast and Comfy Bed

I arrived with thirteen others and was a little leery at how our group would be welcomed. I did not need to worry though, as everything was perfect during our stay. The breakfast was delicious and there was plenty to go around. The king-sized bed in my room was comfortable and I was thrilled that they delivered the extra pillows I requested quickly.

  1. Rest and Relaxation

We spent three rejuvenating nights at Long Set Resort Koh Rong and while we experienced a couple minor quirks like sandy floors and short periods without power, we loved every minute of our stay. I loved how we could walk to the beach in seconds, because it made it much easier to watch the sunrise every morning. There is not a spa at this resort, but there is a wonderful one only one resort down, which everyone can get to in just a few minutes. It was there that I experienced the best coconut oil massage and a head massage.

  1. This is Paradise

We spent four nights at this resort, and it is a truly beautiful place in the middle of paradise. We had a delightful room with a comfortable bed, which is not common anywhere in South Asia. The food we were served at the restaurant was excellent, as was the service. We loved the beach area, as well as the lounges and towels that were provided to us. Everyone should be prepared that there are no televisions, but to us, that makes it the perfect place to relax and unwind with a book. We also spent plenty of time out in the water on kayaks, as it felt wonderful under the sun.

  1. Beautiful Beach

We enjoyed our time at Long Set Resort Koh Rong, but I must caution others that while there are activities to do, it is not a lot for those who get bored quickly. This is more of a destination for sitting down and not doing much, so everyone should be prepared to spend a lot of time at the pool or down at the beach. We thought that our food was less than room temperature a few times when it was delivered, but that may have been from the cool ocean breeze that seemed to be blowing most of the time we were there.

The Long Set Resort Koh Rong is a fabulous place for those who are looking for relaxation on their vacation away from home. However, this area of the island also offers quite a few activities and adventures to those who simply cannot sit in the sand or lounge by the pool for more than a few hours each day.

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