Long Beach Koh Rong Reviews

Long Beach Koh Rong Reviews

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Long Beach Koh Rong

Long Beach Koh Rong is also known as Sok San Beach and 7km Beach to those who frequent the island, and this spectacular stretch of sand is so beautiful that numerous production companies find themselves there regularly for filming. This beach can be found on the western coast of Koh Rong and visitors will find themselves viewing large resorts that are scattered amongst the outskirts of a charming Khmer fishing village.

Travelers can choose to stay in either the accommodations in the Khmer village or the luxurious resorts, but the resorts will cost a lot more than the rooms amongst the locals. The only thing that is guaranteed during a visit to this part of the island is that Long Beach will always be clean and beautiful around the area closest to the resort.

Most people choose to spend their time in this area of the island, because they can have an authentic experience, as they spend time with the locals. Those who choose to spend time at Long Beach Koh Rong will find themselves spending most of their days in the water swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

However, they will want to find their way to the sand in between so they can relax with a drink or two. As they sit on the sand, they will marvel at how fabulous the views are with the palm trees swaying in the slight breeze and the white sand meeting the sparkling water as it laps up onto the shoreline.

While Long Beach Koh Rong is beautiful during the daytime hours, everyone will want to make sure that they are strolling along the sand at night when the water illuminates from the glowing plankton. A few people will venture out into the water to swim with the plankton, but it is usually best to stay on the shore or take a boat to where the plankton are located. This ensures that everyone stays safe in the water under the dark skies.

Reaching this part of Koh Rong is easy via boat, so all a visitor needs to do is take a boat directly there from Sihanoukville on the mainland, or from Koh Toch, which is on the other side of the island. The resorts normally have their own boats that pick-up guests, but it is also possible for travelers to make a deal with a local and have them take them over.

Anyone that is having difficulty deciding which beach in Koh Rong will be best for them during their visit will want to read the following Long Beach Koh Rong reviews of past visitors. Each one will share the pros, and maybe a con or two, of this wonderful and amazing beach.

Here are 8 of the Long Beach Koh Rong reviews from past visitors:

  1. One of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

The turquoise water and amazing white sand make this beach picture perfect! This is an excellent beach for swimming, but the garbage strewn about does deflect from the tranquility a little.

  1. Paradise!

I loved staying in one of the cabins down by the beach, as I could be on the fabulous sand in seconds. The only thing I was disappointed in during my stay was the garbage that could be seen on the beach just past the resort.

  1. Clean Water and White Sand

During our trip to Koh Rong, we chose to stay at the Love Resort, which is not too far from Sok San Village. We took a day to walk over to Long Beach Koh Rong and were shocked that there were not too many tourists there! The beach itself was not too dirty and the water was quite clean. We spent a couple hours there before having lunch at one of the beachside restaurants. I highly recommend staying on this part of the island, as it is not as crowded.

  1. Amazing!

Long Beach Koh Rong was the most beautiful beach that I have ever seen! I enjoyed the day that I spent there and if I return to the island, this is going to be my number one choice for where I stay.

  1. Beautiful!

I chose to tackle the tough hike from Koh Touch and while it was worth every minute of it, you may want to choose to take a boat over for your visit. The trail was more difficult than I thought it would be and it did take me longer, so I didn’t have as much time on this beach as I would have liked.

  1. Soft White Sand

We have been to quite a few of the beaches on this island now and this is a favorite of ours by far. It is well worth the boat trip. I recommend that visitors take water and food with them, as there is not always something open selling anything. It may have just been the time of year we were visiting though. However, if you get there and nothing is open, you will have a long wait until the boat comes back to pick you up in the evening.

  1. Warning! Possibly Dangerous During Rainy Season

I decided to venture into the water down by Royal Sands, not thinking that it would be too bad. However, since it was the rainy season, and the winds were extreme, the tidal waves were extremely dangerous. I am a good swimmer, but I almost drowned. It may look wonderful out there, I thought it did, but don’t risk it.

  1. Best Beach on Koh Rong

As the name states, this is a very long beach, and visitors will love how quiet it can be. The southern portion of Long Beach Koh Rong is a little busier, as that is where many of the excursions leave. I took a tour with Mr. Bun Rong and I would highly recommend him to anyone. I recommend that people travel here soon, before it gets developed any further.

Everyone should be able to see from these Long Beach Koh Rong reviews that it is a fabulous beach to spend time at when on the island. Yes, there may be a couple drawbacks on occasion, but in all, this beach is phenomenal.


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