Lonely Beach Koh Rong Reviews

Lonely Beach Koh Rong Reviews

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lonely beach koh rong

There are quite a few beaches on Koh Rong Island, but not all of them are as beautiful as Lonely Beach. This fantastic soft sandy beach can be found on the northern side of the island, and while the area appears small, there is plenty for people to see during their visit there. First, everyone will be swept away by the clear sparkling water that leads right up to the soft white sand.

However, it will be the palm trees scattered about that will make every visitor think that they have arrived in paradise.

Those who choose to visit Lonely Beach Koh Rong during their time on the island are normally looking for some peace and quiet away from the crowds. While Koh Rong has been given the nickname, the party island, not every inch of this spectacular island lives up to that name.

Lonely Beach is one of the areas that is definitely not part of the party scene and those who wander along the sandy shoreline will find that they can experience nothing more than quiet and tranquility.

There is only one resort on Lonely Beach Koh Rong, which means that visitors will want to book their accommodations early if they want to guarantee having a place to sleep while in this area of the island. The resort is just as remote as the beach itself, which means that visitors should not expect to have all the comforts of home during their stay.

Lonely Beach Resort

Lonely Beach Resort offers bungalows complete with private bathrooms and balconies. The best part is that each bungalow is in its own little private area, ensuring seclusion from the rest of the resort. That means that every guest has the privacy and serenity that they desire during their stay.

The bungalows are made from wood and are designed in true Khmer style with western toilets and Khmer style bucket showers. There are solar powered lights in each bungalow, but the only other electricity within the resort can be found at the on-site restaurant. Thankfully, the restaurant staff allows guests to charge their devices at any time during the day.

Guests will love the hammocks and chairs that are on each balcony of the bungalows, as they are the perfect place for lounging at any time of the day or night. At mealtime, there is really only one choice, but the restaurant does manage to serve numerous local and western dishes at affordable prices. This could be considered amazing since their electricity is received from solar panels.

Due to the rustic nature of this resort, some guests may find that they can relax more than they planned during their time in Lonely Beach Koh Rong. After all, there is no Wi-Fi available, unless a person takes a smart SIM card with them.

A few guests may feel that Lonely Beach Koh Rong is a little too rustic for their needs as well, since there is no hot water, no fans, and no paved streets or pathways. However, as long as visitors do their research about the area before booking their trip, they should be well-prepared for everything when they arrive.

Here are some reviews of Lonely Beach Koh Rong from past visitors:

  1. I Could Have Quite Happily Stayed Forever

We stayed in the long house and it was perfect since it was not busy when we were there. I would happily go back in a heartbeat, as the weather, the food, the accommodations, the snorkeling, and the staff were amazing.

  1. Lovely Beach and People

I love the beach and the staff and owner were super friendly. They offer an amazing snorkeling trip that I recommend everyone takes. The only downside that we found was that our bungalow was a bit away from the beach. But there were plenty of spaces on the actual beach for us to hang out.

  1. Very Special Place

My friend and I just spent 6 nights at Lonely Beach Koh Rong, although we were only supposed to spend 4 nights at first. We ended up having such an amazing time that we needed to extend our stay. People came to greet us and take our luggage when we arrived, and the entire staff made our entire stay quite special. This beach is a wee slice of paradise.

  1. Beautiful Stay at Lonely Beach Koh Rong

We stayed in a bungalow with a communal bathroom and loved every minute of it! The beach is beautiful and free of litter, which made it perfect for relaxing. On our first night, the staff did a BBQ with the fish that they caught that day. Can’t recommend this area and resort enough.

  1. Superb Remote Beach Experience

Amazing remote sandy beach with little signs of development. The wooden bungalows were obviously locally made, although some are set back a little further from the beach. The restaurant serves fabulous Euro-Khmer cuisine and the beach bar was always perfect for cocktails at any time of the day. The locally caught fish BBQ takes place a couple times a week and everyone must enjoy it at least once during their visit. This little part of the world is quickly being discovered at a breakneck speed, so make travel plans to see it ASAP before it is too late and too many people find out about it!

  1. Paradise Found!

The less people that know about Lonely Beach Koh Rong the better! This is a simple yet phenomenal piece of paradise that may not have power or running water, but they always have ice ready and available! This is one of the best places to see the bioluminescent plankton in the water, thanks to the remoteness of the area.

Lonely Beach Koh Rong may not be as developed as other areas of the island, but that doesn’t mean that those who visit will not enjoy their stay immensely. After all, no one really needs electricity or running water to enjoy the beauty that is surrounding them or the adventures that are waiting there.

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