Koh Rong Wildlife and the Jungle Zoo

Koh Rong Wildlife and the Jungle Zoo

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koh rong wildlife

While some people have visited Koh Rong and wished that the islands would develop a little more over the years, others are quite happy with the islands the way that they are. The reason for this is that the Koh Rong wildlife has not been disrupted as much on these spectacular islands, unlike the wildlife in other parts of the world.

In fact, on the islands, the Koh Rong wildlife live happily with the locals and the people who visit. While the people stick close to the beaches, a good portion of the wildlife can be found within the jungle, forest, grassland, and mangroves. There is obviously marine life in the water as well, which is evident when people take the time to snorkel during their visit.

The people who live in Koh Rong are taking careful measures to ensure that the islands’ ecosystem stays as unchanged as much as possible. There are many things that many people do daily on the island, and they are as follows:

  • Plash trash in garbage cans
  • Collect any garbage from the beach areas, including the water near the shoreline
  • Recycle all island waste
  • Reduce the amount of non-renewable resources that are used on the islands
  • Never killing or injuring any wildlife
  • Conserving the water resources on the island during the hottest and driest months of the year

Some of the Koh Rong wildlife is very small, while others are quite large. However, they all have a purpose on the islands, which is to feed the next animal within the food chain. The destruction of certain animals will eventually destroy all the rest, which would ruin the beauty of Koh Rong.

Here are a few of the different animals that are wandering around on Koh Rong or living in the water:

  • The Praying Mantis
  • Horned Lizards
  • Coral Fish
  • Coral Reef
  • Variable Squirrels
  • The Red-Lined Flabellinas
  • The Long-Tailed Macaques
  • Blue Carpenter Bees
  • Local Water Buffalo
  • Numerous Species of Snakes
  • Geckos
  • Eagles
  • Hawks
  • Giant Hornbills
  • Seahorses
  • Whale Sharks
  • Numerous species of Fish
  • Monkeys
  • Sand Flies

Okay, that last one may be a little too much for many people, because those sand flies can wreak havoc on everyone’s vacation! However, they are part of the necessary Koh Rong wildlife. There are many other animals that are not mentioned above, as the list would have been way too long, and travelers could care less after a while. Most people just want to know the exciting things that they can see while they are exploring the island anyway.

Jungle Zoo Koh Rong

image by junglezookohrong

Travelers who do not want to run into too much of the wildlife within the jungles on the island may want to consider a trip to the zoo instead. Jungle Zoo Koh Rong may not be very big, but they have a good variety of animals to see. Most of them are considered Koh Rong wildlife, but there are a few more exotic creatures there as well.

The owner of Jungle Zoo Koh Rong is Olga, who also happens to be an excellent gardener. In fact, anyone who visits to see the animals, will also find themselves stuck exploring her gardens as well. This zoo is not open all the time, as the only way a person can see it is when Olga is available for tours. Each tour is five dollars and the tours include Olga’s immense knowledge of the animals in her care, as well as the rest of the Koh Rong wildlife.

A few of the animals that people will see while wandering through Jungle ZKoh Rong Wildlifeoo Koh Rong include birds, butterflies, civets, monitor lizards, and a really tame bat. Most people cannot stand bats, but almost everyone will be tempted to spend a little time with the one at Jungle Zoo.

Everyone who chooses to see Jungle Zoo Koh Rong will want to have insect repellent with them and use it before, during, and after their visit. This is the jungle after all, and bugs are everywhere!

Those travelers who want to see the Koh Rong wildlife outside of the zoo will want to walk along the trails very quietly, so that they do not disturb the animals’ natural habitat. After all, animals are usually only willing to attack if they feel threatened by someone or something.


The same is true out in the water, as the marine life does not mind swimming close to people, if they do not feel threatened. Everyone should basically stay as still as possible when in the water, so that the Koh Rong wildlife in the water can swim up as close as they can.

Since many of the snakes on the island are poisonous, it is recommended that travelers take a few items with them in a first aid kit. Having those items will help them reach either the medical center in Koh Touch or find a local with medical knowledge that can help them out.

And those travelers who find themselves as one of the many who are inflicted with sand flies’ bites will be thankful that they have their first aid kit packed with items to help relieve the itching and burning.

The Koh Rong wildlife is absolutely beautiful and is a major part of the islands. Without all those animals, neither one of the islands would be in the natural state that it is in today.

Hopefully, the Koh Rong wildlife can stay on these islands for a very long time, as they prosper and grow, creating babies that will help increase the numbers even more. Only then will everyone be able to agree that Koh Rong is an unexploited island that travelers can enjoy with the Koh Rong wildlife present.

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