Koh Rong Weather: When to Visit

Koh Rong Weather: When to Visit

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Koh Rong Weather

Koh Rong has quite the tropical climate, which means that there is really no bad to visit this beautiful destination. However, some people will prefer to go at certain times of the year over the others, due to the rain and warmer temperatures. Since not many people know what the Koh Rong weather is like throughout the year, we thought that we would share some information.

Temperatures and Humidity for Koh Rong Weather

The temperatures in Koh Rong do not fluctuate much throughout the year, but they are slightly warmer during the months of May, April, and June. While the temperatures are hot, it is usually the humidity that makes the island feel hotter during those months. The humidity is at its lowest during the months of December and January, which is why those months always seem much cooler. All the other months have average temperatures with average humidity, which makes those months better options for those planning a visit.

Precipitation for Koh Rong Weather

koh rong raining days

The lowest amount of precipitation in Koh Rong occurs during the months of December, January, and February. Everyone must keep in mind that on this island, a significant amount of precipitation is considered anything over an inch. The rainier months are between the middle of May through the beginning of November. However, the rainiest month is October and it is possible to see rain falling for two thirds of the month!

Visitors must keep in mind that much of this rain arrives as it does in other tropical destinations. That means that the downpours or rain showers are usually brief and the heaviest of them all normally occur at night when everyone is sleeping. This means that most of the rain will not ruin major amounts of time for those who choose to visit during that time of the year.

Koh-Rong-sunshine temperatures

Wind for Koh Rong Weather

The wind on Koh Rong is normally calm, but the speeds can pick up during the month of July. August and September can also be breezy months, but those wind speeds usually do not match those of July. The rest of the year, the wind is fairly calm and oftentimes non-existent.

Location and Length of Days

Since Koh Rong is near the equator, the length of the days on this island barely changes throughout the year. This means that visitors will enjoy long bright days at almost any time of the year!

Best Time to Visit Due to Koh Rong Weather

While there is no tremendously bad Koh Rong weather, most travelers prefer to visit this island between the months of December through February. The weather is usually sunny, warm, and less humid, plus the chance of rain is slim. This is the peak season though, so everyone should prepare for higher prices, lots of people, and crowded beaches. It can be difficult to find deals during these months, but it can still be done if a person does their research.



Next Best Time to Visit Due to Koh Rong Weather

Those who are not concerned with slightly hotter temperatures, and a greater chance of rain, will also be happy with a visit during the months of November, March, and April. There are still quite a few people visiting during those months, but there are not as many as during the true peak season. The prices will still be high during these months, so no visitor should think that they will catch a break yet.


The Hottest Koh Rong Weather

koh rong temperatures

No one is going to say that the hottest time of the year in Koh Rong is a bad time to visit the area. However, the temperatures rise significantly, as does the humidity, from May through June. There are not as many people visiting Koh Rong during this time, which means those that do arrive on the island will find cheaper accommodations and fewer crowds. While the heat is present, there are many ways to stay cool on the island. Therefore, everyone should still have an amazing time during their visit.

The Low Season Due to Koh Rong Weather

The low season in Koh Rong is normally between the middle of May all the way through to the beginning of November. The temperatures are higher, the humidity soars, and the rainstorms begin. It is during this time that visitors should expect more bad days than not. However, since the rain never lasts for long, no one can say that their vacation would be completely ruined if they were to visit during this time. And, many days will not have rain, and it will only be the increased temperatures and humidity that prevent people from doing everything that they want.


The Results Due to Koh Rong Weather

The Koh Rong weather may have some effect on when people choose to visit this beautiful island, but as mentioned above, there is really no bad time to be there. Winter seems to be the best time, with spring being the next best choice. Most people will avoid summer due to the extreme humidity and heat, while others will avoid the fall because of the rain potential.

Everyone will want to determine which time of the year is best for them to visit and then make their plans accordingly. Some visitors may arrive with numerous plans of staying cool during the summer months, while others will show up with rain gear for the rainier season. And many simply won’t care and will take whatever comes their way!

Since many people cannot always get away from work at the ideal times, Koh Rong is the perfect choice for a getaway. The Koh Rong weather is decent throughout the year, which means that even if a person has to take their week off during the worst time of the year, they will still have a fabulous time when they are on vacation.


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