Koh Rong Tripadvisor Travel Guide

Koh Rong Tripadvisor Travel Guide

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Koh Rong Tripadvisor

When Tripadvisor first hit the internet, its main feature was allowing users to post a review of any hotels that they had recently visited. That feature was just the beginning though, and now, this website has grown so much that reviews can be posted for airlines, attractions, activities, restaurants, and much more!

That is phenomenal news for travelers who rely on the comments of others before booking a trip, a hotel, or anything else for their vacation. As of the beginning of this year, there were more than three hundred and eighty-five million reviews on Tripadvisor! Imagine how many more have been added in the short amount of time since then!

While this website is popular for its reviews, travelers can also use it to book their flights and hotels. That makes it perfect for those who want a one-stop shop where they can find everything that they need in minutes for a perfect vacation.

There are obviously some pros and cons when using Tripadvisor and they are as follows:


  • An abundance of reviews and photos from other real-live travelers who have been to where others want to go
  • Numerous opinions from many different people
  • Look at reviews and book hotels and flights right away
  • See responses from hotel managers who have taken the time to respond to both positive and negative reviews


  • Diverse opinions and reviews can make it difficult to form an opinion on places
  • Many negative opinions from people who are never satisfied
  • Poorly written reviews that are difficult to understand
  • Certain establishments have bribed guests with free stays and other incentives to get them to post positive reviews on Tripadvisor


Those who want to use Tripadvisor to its fullest potential will need to set up an account. That is as easy as filling out the form with an email, password, first and last name, the name that the person wants shown, and the city that they live in. Once a person has an account, they can easily leave reviews and book trips.

A person does not need an account if they want to only search the reviews on Tripadvisor. However, there are certain ways that everyone should go through those reviews. While it is easiest to look at them all and come to a personal conclusion, a few filters can help a person find the best of the best and the worst of the worst much sooner.

Anyone who is planning a trip to Koh Rong will want to utilize Tripadvisor for all their travel needs. First, a person can use Koh Rong Tripadvisor to find the perfect hotel for their stay. This is as easy as typing Koh Rong into the search parameters, as well as the travel dates.

Of course, travelers can also type in Koh Rong Island and Koh Rong Samloem Island, if they were interested in staying on one island over the other. Another option would be for travelers to type Song Saa Private Island into the search engine, as this private island is quite amazing and nearby the other two islands. In fact, some travelers may choose to stay in accommodations on all three islands, just so they can have a more well-rounded experience in Koh Rong.


As soon as a person has the list in front of them, they can use filters to search for accommodations with a certain number of stars, whether it is a hotel or resort, the current Tripadvisor rating, and much more.

Once a person has their accommodations planned out, they can then use Koh Rong Tripadvisor to find a few of the activities that they can do while they are staying on the island. The attractions and activities can be searched separately, but it is usually best to see them all at once in the things to do section of the website. However, if a person gets a little overwhelmed with the list, they can easily choose to filter the list by the following options:

  • Landmarks
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Tours
  • Water Sports and Boat Tours
  • Parks and Nature
  • Nightlife
  • Fun and Games
  • Zoos and Aquariums

Other filters that can be used include price, size of group, adults, children, and more. These filters ensure that travelers will be able to plan activities that they are interested in and avoid those that they have no desire to do during their visit to the islands.

Everyone will need to eat while they are visiting Koh Rong, and while many hotels and resorts have their own on-site restaurant, most travelers will want to dine at other options too. The restaurants that show up on the Koh Rong Tripadvisor site can be filtered to show travelers their options when it comes to the type of establishment, the type of cuisine, the meals that are served, and even the price factor. Those options will make it easy for any traveler to find the food that they are craving at any time during their visit.

It can be so easy to rush through Koh Rong Tripadvisor when planning a trip to the islands, especially if people think that there is not much there to begin. However, this would be a mistake, because there is more to do that most people think. Plus, the only way to find some of the best places is to have patience and do some extensive research.

Thankfully, there is a Koh Rong Tripadvisor Forum that travelers can use to find answers to all their burning questions. There are more than one hundred and seventy topics on this forum currently and they all have little tidbits of advice to the questions that have been asked.

Travelers can easily peruse the questions to see if they can find what they need, or they can start a new topic and have their questions answered by those who have been to the islands before. Everyone seems to love this feature, because it gives them a little more insight from people who are truly willing to help make a person’s vacation dreams come true.

Most of the people on the forums are not looking to destroy a business or trash talking every place that they visit. Instead, they are savvy travelers who have stayed in the best and the worst places in the world and want to share their knowledge with others who want to visit some of the same places.

It is these people who will let a person know that a hotel is rundown, but that they should look past all that to the diamond in the rough and enjoy themselves anyway!

Every traveler needs to use Tripadvisor before leaving for their trip, as there is nowhere else to get all the information that they will need to have a phenomenal time.


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