Koh Rong Sand Flies – Are They Dangerous??

Koh Rong Sand Flies – Are They Dangerous??

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Koh Rong Sand Flies

No one wants to ever be in an area where bugs are, but there isn’t a destination anywhere in this world that has no bugs at all. It is just the way that the environment is everywhere, and those bugs are a necessary part of the food chain, as pesky as many of them are.

Travelers who want to visit any of the Koh Rong island will find that they need to deal with the infamous Koh Rong sand flies. Anyone that has never heard about sand flies before is in for a treat, because these pesky things are just as bad as mosquitos and sometimes are even worse.

Koh Rong sand flies are tinier than tiny white bugs that live in the sand. While that seems to be enough of an issue, it gets worse. These little suckers bite! And once a person gets bit, those bites will itch. Anyone who itches those bites will find that the bites can break open, ooze, and possibly even get infected. Of course, the entire time that this is going on, the person with the Koh Rong sand flies’ bites will be miserable and potentially on their way to feeling ill.

Some people are susceptible to Koh Rong sand flies’ bites, while others will not get munched on, no matter how many of those little bugs are swarming around them. No one should take a change when it comes to the sand flies though, because each day could be different. Some sand flies might not like a person’s smell or taste one day, but a different bunch of sand flies could love that person the next day.

Travelers are encouraged to take precautions against the Koh Rong sand flies, so that they do not need to deal with the consequences. A mosquito spray with a high level of DEET works well for many people, while others will say that coconut oil or other homemade remedies work best for them. It is important to note that Koh Rong sand flies will bite anywhere on a person’s body.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply sand fly deterrent everywhere! Especially if a person is planning on laying down in the sand at any point in time.

The bug spray, coconut oil, or other remedy should also be reapplied frequently throughout the day. There is never an amount that is too much when it comes to the sand flies on Koh Rong!

Anyone who forgets to apply bug spray, or anything else, either at all, or on certain parts of their body, may find themselves hurting a little while later. No matter how many sand fly bites a person gets, they should plan on being miserable until they go away. These bites itch and burn, making it extremely difficult to relax, let alone sleep.

Antihistamines do not work too well, but are worth taking, if for nothing else but for the possibility of an hour or two of drugged sleep. That and the chance that hopefully a person will not scratch the bites, as that will make them worse.

Spreading an anti-itch cream or Tiger Balm over the bites may help some, but almost nothing will take the itch away. The only tried and true course, once the bites have appeared, is to not scratch. Yes, that is difficult and nearly impossible! The bad news is that these Koh Rong sand flies’ bites will stick around for ten to fifteen days. That is a long time to not scratch something that itches!

However, once a person knows the consequences, they may sit on their hands for two weeks to ensure that they do not scratch at all. Koh Rong sand flies carry a lot of toxins, and those toxins can enter a person’s body as soon as they start scratching.

Once those bites begin to swell, turn red, and break open to ooze, a person needs to go to the doctor immediately. That can be tricky to do on Koh Rong, as the only medical center is in Koh Touch.

Travelers who find themselves with a nasty case of sand flies’ bites over on Koh Rong Samloem or Song Saa Private Island will either need to take a boat over to Koh Touch on Koh Rong or make their way back to the mainland.

Once at the doctor’s, a person will have their bites inspected and then be given antihistamines, an ointment to dry the bites quickly, and an antibiotic to prevent infection. Skipping the doctor can lead to many different illnesses and those illnesses vary according to what Koh Rong sand flies bit a person.

Anyone who is planning on a trip to Koh Rong will want to make sure that they stock up on insect repellent with DEET, or another concoction of their choice, before they take the ferry over to the islands.

While the repellent is available on the islands, it is quite costly over there. Plus, there may be a chance that it can be sold out, (so, BUY IT HERE) especially if enough people forgot to bring theirs with them! It is always better to take too many cans then not enough for the Koh Rong sand flies.

Everyone should also plan on taking items with them to help with Koh Rong sand flies’ bites, just in case they forget to apply the repellent, or they are just too tasty to these creatures. It might even be helpful for a person to get a bottle of antibiotics from their doctor in advance, so that they do not need to wait until they return to the mainland to begin treatment.

The Koh Rong sand flies are not dangerous, but they can create problems for those who get bit by them. Some people will find that their symptoms are mild, while others will find that they have a massive reaction that needs to be treated immediately. Therefore, Koh Rong sand flies can definitely ruin a person’s vacation on the island, so everyone will want to be prepared with what they need to prevent what could be a horrible outcome.

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