The Ultimate Guide on the Koh Rong Plankton

The Ultimate Guide on the Koh Rong Plankton

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For anyone who has never heard the word plankton before, they are a large collection of organisms that live in larger bodies of water. They do not have the capability of swimming against the current in those waters, which means that they are always in the same place all the time. The best thing about all these organisms is that they will start to glow under the nighttime sky, creating a breathtaking sight to those who take the time to see it.

The Koh Rong plankton can be seen in many areas of the island, but not everywhere. Visitors will have the best chances of spotting the illuminating Koh Rong plankton in the areas with the least amount of light pollution. Everyone can choose to search for the best Koh Rong plankton viewing areas on their own, or they can book one of the numerous tours that are available.

Koh Rong Plankton

One of the best hotels for viewing Koh Rong plankton is the Long Set Resort. This resort can be found on Long Set Beach and that area is perfect for viewing the glowing plankton. While many people will simply stand on the shoreline, as they watch the sparkling colors seemingly dance on the water, others will hop into a boat to watch the plankton glow all around them.

Either option is phenomenal, but there is something about seeing those little glowing organisms surrounding a person in the water.

It is recommended that everyone places their hand into the water when they are out on a boat, because the swirling motion that their hand makes will make the plankton light up even more.


A few people may be brave enough to jump into the water and swim with the Koh Rong plankton, but everyone must use extreme caution while doing this, as it is dark and there are many different types of marine life in that same water. It is quite common for someone to get stung by a jelly fish or have an octopus wrap an arm or two or all around a person and squeeze, thinking that they are a midnight snack.

Koh Rong Plankton

Police Beach is another fantastic destination to see the Koh Rong plankton, but unless you are in the mood to party, you are better off venturing over that way on one of the nights when a party is not taking place. If not, you are going to be walking into what seems like a million people, dancing and drinking the night away, with the plankton floating and shining happily in the nearby water off the beach.

Those who are staying near Koh Toch Village will not be able to see the Koh Rong plankton unless they take the time to walk further down the beach, as the lights within the village are too bright to see any glow from the water. Lonely Beach and Coconut Beach are two other options, as are many of the deserted beaches that do not garner much attraction from people otherwise.

Visitors who are looking for tours to see the infamous Koh Rong plankton will want to check out Adventure Adam Tours. While people can just book the plankton tour, almost everyone takes advantage of their full day tour. That tour is offered three days a week and include snorkeling at numerous beaches, fishing, visiting a local village, a fabulous sunset cruise, and finally the ability to swim with the Koh Rong plankton. Traditional cuisine and drinks are included in the tour price, as is all the knowledge from each fantastic guide.

Another wonderful tour group that does Koh Rong plankton viewing is Caribbean Boat Tours, but their viewing is normally included with their full day trips. Just like many of the other full-day tours in Koh Rong, this tour group includes snorkeling, diving, and swimming with the planktons, but it also includes a meal at the Fishing Hook, which serves delicious food with a view.


Many of the resorts and hotels on the island will also offer their own Koh Rong plankton tours, as it is an excellent way to keep their guests happy. Most of those Koh Rong plankton tours are reasonably priced and guests never need to venture too far to meet up with the tour guide, as it is often within the main lobby or down at the on-site private beach.

Some of the hotel and resort Koh Rong plankton tours can be done right at the hotel, while others require a short drive or boat ride to the perfect destination. Snorkeling gear is normally provided for those who wish to enter the water with the plankton, but guests should always check to ensure that that is the case before their tour begins.

Koh Rong Plankton

Everyone should also take their own flashlight, insect repellent, and camera on these tours. The flashlight is helpful for everyone finding their way through the darkness to the water, but it should be turned off immediately afterwards. The reason for this is that the plankton will glow much brighter if there is no other light in the area!

Depending on the night, it may be more difficult than a person imagines to capture the essence of the glowing Koh Rong plankton on film. A person may need to venture out to look for the plankton multiple nights in a row before they find the perfect conditions for picture taking. Thankfully, this is a fun adventure that everyone will not mind doing throughout their time on the island, especially if they take the time to wander from one beautiful plankton viewing site to another.

There are a few other destinations around the world that are perfect for viewing the bioluminescent plankton, but not all of them have the complete darkness and low light pollution that this island does. Therefore, everyone who truly wants to experience glowing plankton will want to travel to Koh Rong to have a magical experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.


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