Koh Rong Map: Where is It?

Koh Rong Map: Where is It?

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There was a time when there were not too many people traveling to Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem, simply because no one knew that they existed. However, once everyone started looking for new destinations to explore, they discovered these beautiful islands. Since then, many people have chosen to look at the Koh Rong map to see exactly what they could learn, see, and do while visiting two of the most up-and-coming islands in the world.

When you look at the Koh Rong map, you will find yourself wondering which island you should visit. This post will focus more on Koh Rong, but you should be aware that both islands are equally fabulous. On the Koh Rong map, you will see that the island of Koh Rong can be found approximately sixteen miles off the coast of Cambodia within the Gulf of Thailand.

Koh Rong is considered paradise by those who visit, because it is filled with soft colored sand, sparkling blue water, and warm weather throughout the year. Most travelers who visit Koh Rong will plan on flying into the Sihanoukville International Airport and then will take the ferry over to the island.

As you look at the Koh Rong map, you will see that the island has an elongated shape that is comprised of approximately thirty square miles of space. The entire island has quite a few hills, especially on the interior, which is full of forests. The hills seem to stop in the middle of the island though, due to the people who have cultivated the area and did numerous other activities there. In that area of the Koh Rong map, you will see a small savanna.

Detailed Koh Rong maps will show that there are numerous waterfalls that flow consistently during the wetter times of the year. The details will also show the inlets and bays that can be found everywhere on the eastern coast, which actually faces the mainland.

Every Koh Rong map will also show you that there are at least twenty-three beaches on the island, which is perfect if you truly want and desire a fabulous beach vacation. Each one of the beaches varies in both size and the color of the sand, and while you will find a personal favorite, each one is absolutely phenomenal.

koh rong maps

One of the amazing things about looking at a Koh Rong map, is that you will see exactly what is on the map as you are exploring the island. Yes, there are some resorts and other accommodations, as well as a few shops and restaurants. However, the rest of the island is filled with the hills, forest, trails, waterfalls, streams, and other things that you will find on the map.

It will be necessary for you to do all your research and check out the Koh Rong map before you travel and arrive at your destination. The reason for this is that the internet connection on the island is not that good, and that is if you even have access to the internet where you are staying. Some of the hostels and resorts do not allow their guests to have access to the Wi-Fi.

According to the Koh Rong map, you will see that Pineapple Island is to the north of the island, while Koh Rong Samloem is to the south. The city of Sihanoukville on the mainland is to the southeast of the island and the private island of Song Saa is just off the northeastern coast.

As you are investigating a more detailed Koh Rong map, you will see that most of the tourist attractions can be found on the southern end of the island. This is where you will find attractions that include Jungle Zoo, High Point Adventure Park, the Sok San Waterfall, and the extraordinary Longset Beach. Most tourists like yourself will spend most of their time on the island in this area, as it is the most tourist friendly. Down in that area, you will also find the Police Beach Party, which is one of the most popular beach parties on the entire island.

However, as long as you do your research and plan ahead, you can easily venture to the northern sections of the island for either day trips or a couple day getaway. You may even want to stay in one area for a short amount of time before moving to another destination and then another. You can even island hop, either for the day, or for a few days.

There are plenty of Koh Rong maps available online, but you may prefer the interactive ones that will allow you to click on different features, attractions, accommodations, restaurants, and more. While the interactive maps can be a little tricky to use at first, as they can be filled with a lot of items in smaller areas, they can be a wealth of information. However, do not only use those types of Koh Rong maps to plan you vacation to the island, or you will find yourself missing out on a lot of fun and thrilling adventures. Oftentimes, those types of maps are filled with items of those places that paid to be placed on the map. While that may turn you off, do not discount those destinations, as you will be pleasantly surprised at what some of them have to offer.

To make the most of all the Koh Rong maps that you may be looking at, you may want to take a blank map and then fill it in with the items that you are interested in for your visit. This will show you exactly which areas you should spend the most of your time in and make it possible to avoid the areas that you do not want to see.

Once you have utilized a Koh Rong map for your vacation, you may choose to utilize those same map features as you plan all your future vacations. The maps can actually save you time and money while you are on vacation, because you will know exactly where you need and want to be while you are there.


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