Koh Rong Island-Cambodia ‘s Paradise Island.

Koh Rong Island-Cambodia ‘s Paradise Island.

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When anyone says you about South East Asia, instantly your mind thinks of white sands, the clear blue waters, etc .And one destination that surely comes to your mind is the Koh Rong Island.Is not it?

This island remains untouched previously as there were signs showing the further development of this island .Even it was previously heard that there was a plan of building an airport) but for now it’s an island with a lot of charm. The beaches of this beautiful island are amazingly the nicest beaches. But how to get on this island? Any idea?

As Koh Rong is a small island, there are no road facilities and as stated above there is no airport here. So, how to go there? Yes, the only way to reach this island is by means of boats. One can find boat trips from Sihanoukville, which usually takes 1 hour. These boats are not rickety boat rather these are modern large boats that can take you to this island and can even pick you up from this island.

After reaching the island you must be searching for the accommodation facilities in Koh Rong Island?Right? Well,the majority of the accommodations are available on the main beach. So, it is not that difficult to find an accommodation in this island. There are two options to find an accommodation-either you have to choose accommodation in island village where the local residents stay or a place where the maximum numbers of backpackers stays. On the island village the accommodation facilities is not that good, but in the later hotels and resorts have been purposely built for the visitors coming from different corners of the world.

There is a lack of power source on this island. So, everything runs on generators. But maximum numbers of hotels do not run their generators every time rather they run the generators for a few hours in the day and night time.

There are many things to do on this island. Some of them include,

Kayaking and Snorkelling: You can hire kayaks on the long beach. Even snorkelling is the best activity one can opt for in this island. Usually kayaking takes around 45 minutes and snorkelling around 3 hours.

Hiking: Here, you can find plenty of beaches in which one can hike through the jungle and explore. In fact, you can find 23 white sand beaches in this island. Among them the most popular beach is the Long Beach .Hiking from the main beach to the long beach usually takes 1 hour, but make sure to wear proper shoes before hiking.

Bar Crawl:As a large number of accommodations turns off their light during the night time, there is nothing much more to do. So, usually the people go out to the bars at night .There are some bars that remain open throughout the night.

Thus, this is all about Cambodia’s paradise island.-Koh Rong. If you are interested to visit this island, then visit Koh Rong Island Official Travel. It provides detailed information on Koh Rong and its nearby areas. Even it also provides tickets and other information like nearby islands, cities, things to carry out, etc .Visit this link http://kohrongislandcambodia.com/ to know more.

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