Koh Rong Island-Beautiful Island on the Earth

Koh Rong Island-Beautiful Island on the Earth

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If you think that yes you have visited all the places in the world, then you are wrong. It is sure that you have not visited Koh Rong Island? Yes, with a two hour drive with high speed boat, you can stop at the pier of Koh Touch village. Once you reach that village you will find sand under your toes. And after a few minutes you can find that you have a reached a heaven like place. Yes, it’s a heaven for the backpackers. Once you visit this place you can know what type of island it is. ? Are you looking for more information about this island? Well read this.

The main area of this island which is known as Koh Touch is a 2km strip of white sands covered with various hotels, resorts, shops, etc. You can find many concrete road , no power supply, etc in this island. But there are many things to do on this island. What are they? Below given are few things that you can do on this island.

Perfect trip on a boat

On this island one can find various companies providing boat facilities. They charge an affordable amount and will take you on a ride the whole day. They will take you to various islands to snorkel ,to catch fish and to explore the beautiful marine life.

Watch the planktons

As you know this island is famous for the bioluminescent planktons. These planktons glow in the dark and seem as if the stars are twinkling in the sky in the night. But you cannot find them near the Koh Toch village as this area is quite lighted.

Skybar View

This island has the only skybar located in the world. And it serves as a great place to chill.

Camping on the beach

You can rent a hammock and sleep at the beach for 1-2 days.

Choose a diving center and opt for scuba diving

The diving center at Koh Rong is situated at the main pier and provides diving courses daily.If you are interested for scuba diving you can opt for this.

Hiking through the jungle

You can hike in this island and explore the surroundings. While exploring, you can get a chance to find rare species of animals and plants as this island is rich in flora and fauna.

Thus, these are some of things that you can do on Koh Rong Island. After reading this, you might be interested in visiting this beautiful place? Right? If yes, then contact Koh Rong Island Official Travel. It is a website that offers information on this island and various other places near to this island. From this website you can get to know about the nearby places of this island, beaches, activities that are usually carried out, accommodation facilities available in this island and many more. If you want to visit this island you can also book your flight ticket as well as accommodation here in this website. To know more, visit this link http://kohrongislandcambodia.com/

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