Koh Rong Island-A Place to Remember

Koh Rong Island-A Place to Remember

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Koh Rong Island? Is it something different? Yes…it is one of those destinations which you want to visit and tell the world about it, but at the same time try to keep a little secret. With just a few crowds, the island still remains underdeveloped and its beauty is completely unspoiled by visitors.

What to expect from this island?

  • Similar to other islands, this island is not spoiled by the backpacker’s cultures of partying. It means that every time you will feel like as if you are a part of the natural landscape.

  • Electricity in this island runs only by means of generators and most of the resorts and hotels run them for only 3-4 hours per day.

  • Wifi is not available in this island.

Where to stay on this island?

On this island you can find variety of options. There are a large number of resorts, hostels and other accommodation facilities. Near the beach you can find the maximum number of accommodation facilities including dormitories. Even you can also find various high class hotels if you walk away from the beach. Accommodation in this island costs quite less in comparison to other islands.

Where to Eat?

Foods are not costly in this island. Tourists from various corners of the world visit this island and love to try the tasty local cuisines. Here, you can find various sea foods, fishes, etc. There are many restaurants and local shops where you can find tasty dishes. Apart from foods, one can find various types of drinks and desserts in just a few bucks.

What activities to carry out?

This island is a choice for most of the divers .Here, in this island you can find numerous diving centers. Like other areas of South East Asia, this place is also well preserved. And there is a high chance of watching the sea life. For those who do not like diving, this island also offers a lot activity to carry out. You can walk across the island and can enjoy snorkelling or else you can spend your day relaxing in the sun in the beach.

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