Koh Rong Coconut Beach Reviews

Koh Rong Coconut Beach Reviews

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Koh Rong Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is in a more secluded area of Koh Rong, as it is on the west side of the island. This is on the opposite side of where the main port of the island is, which means that those who want to spend time on this beach must take a private boat or the ferry over there.

This beach has soft white sand, sparkling water, and lush palm trees, which are all perfect for those who want to relax and unwind. While guests can spend the day at this beach, many will choose to spend a few nights at the Coconut Beach Bungalows.

The employees there are super helpful, and they strive to ensure that every guest has a pleasant experience while staying with them. While their service could only include the rooms and the activities that they provide, it actually extends down to the beach and the beauty that can be found down there.

Koh Rong Resort

There are newer accommodations on Koh Rong Coconut Beach, and they are the breathtaking Koh Rong Resort. Visitors can stay in one of the twenty-one spacious villas, which are all air-conditioned. Each villa is surrounded by lush gardens and guests are welcome to use the nearby pool. The prices for these accommodations are quite reasonable, especially during the off-season, and everyone will have all the comforts of home during their stay.


Things to Do on Koh Rong Coconut Beach

There are so many things that a person can do while visiting Koh Rong Coconut Beach, which means that every visitor can be busy from the time that they wake up in the morning until they finally collapse late at night. One of the best things that everyone can do is spend time with the other travelers at the beach.

People arrive at Koh Rong Coconut Beach from all over the world, and that means that everyone can learn something new. People should imagine listening to travel stories, learning about different cultures and traditions, and even discovering some historical tidbits of certain areas of the world. It is possible to make many new friends while visiting Coconut Beach, and that is never a bad thing!


Days can be spent swinging in the hammocks under the shade of the trees or out in the water swimming and seeing the marine life. Once afternoon arrives, it is time for drinks at one of the bars on the beach before grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant. As the sun sets over the water, the bonfires will light up and the true fun begins.

Card games start, swims with the glowing plankton begin, and more talking and laughing with new friends. While this beach is not known for large and loud parties, it is known for its relaxing and quiet nighttime gatherings.

Everyone will want to spend a day at the nearby fishing village, which is only a couple miles away and easy to walk to. The culture is different at that village, and it can be a welcome change for those who are always looking for different experiences during their vacations.

Boats rides are also popular from Koh Rong Coconut Beach and they are excellent ways to explore the island and the surrounding water. Most of the boat rides are available during the day, but a few will also take people out further in the water at night, so that they have a better chance of seeing more plankton. While it is an amazing feeling to swim with those plankton, everyone is urged to use caution, as swimming at night can be quite dangerous.



Reviews of Koh Rong Coconut Beach By Past Guests

  • One past guest stated that this amazing beach is worth a visit due to it being away from all the party areas and most of the tourists.
  • A few guests are concerned that more developing will take place and believe that that will ruin the beauty that can be found everywhere. The current construction is causing disruption already, as boats are arriving constantly with materials for new projects. Hopefully, they can preserve what is left so everyone can enjoy the waves lapping up onto the shoreline.
  • There are ten places to eat on Koh Rong Coconut Beach, which seems to be the perfect amount. None of them are too expensive and they all offer spectacular views of the water, the beach, and those who are visiting.
  • This is an amazing destination to visit, especially at night when boat rides can be taken out onto the water to see the glowing plankton.
  • Koh Rong Coconut Beach appears quite secluded, which is perfect since I wanted and expected tranquility during my recent vacation.
  • I love the direct ferry that takes people over to Coconut Beach now, because it is much easier than having to hire a private boat. There is a downside though, and that is that there needs to be enough people on board for the ferry to make the trip.
  • The sunsets on this beach are breathtaking! Everyone will want to make sure that they see one every single night that they are there, as none of them are the same.

Koh Rong Coconut Beach is an extraordinary destination that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime! This beach offers tranquility, adventures, fun, laughter, activities, and time in the sun, and those are all things that travelers of all ages are looking for! The best part is that visitors can choose exactly what they want to do to make their time at Coconut Beach special.

That can mean mornings lounging on the sand, afternoons out in the water, and nights curled up on a hammock. Or it can mean long walks on the beach, endless drinks at the bar, and games till the wee hours of the morning.

Koh Rong Coconut Beach is where travelers can find it all during their visit.


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