High Point Adventure Park (Koh Rong) Reviews

High Point Adventure Park (Koh Rong) Reviews

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High Point Adventure Park (Koh Rong)

Koh Rong is such a fascinating island and while visitors can see it all from the ground, there is nothing better than seeing it from higher up. After all, higher vantage points allow people to see things that they might have missed from a lower viewpoint. And trust us when we say that visitors do not want to miss an inch of this island!

High Point Adventure Park was constructed to take advantage of all those views and to give everyone who spends time on the island, a way to see views in every direction. Now, the island of Koh Rong is approximately seventy square kilometers, but since there are no massive buildings or other obstructions, people can see it all when they are taking advantage of everything the park has to offer.

Here is what visitors will see when they are spending time at High Point Advantage Park:

  • The jungle, which is basically a lush rainforest
  • Twenty-eight gorgeous sandy beaches that lead to sparkling water
  • One small village
  • Numerous fishing communities
  • Guest houses
  • Beach hut bungalows
  • A few restaurants
  • Water for miles out in the sea

High Point Adventure Park

When High Point Adventure Park was in the process of construction, the owners took the time to find the tallest trees on the island. They chose twenty-one beautiful trees and constructed a total of twenty-five platforms. Those platforms range from four meters high all the way to twenty-five meters in height. Every platform was then connected to the others via ladders and cables that measure more than four hundred meter in length.

The entire course consists of suspension bridges, self-moving devices that include the flying surf and ropewalker, walking wires, and the zip lines. Everyone must listen to the safety instructions before climbing up, but then they are free to slip into one of the safety harnesses and start climbing up.

A guide is with first-timers, to ensure that they stay safe and understand what they need to do in order to reach the finish. It normally takes approximately an hour to do the entire course the very first time. However, after that, people tend to get faster and faster, as they race confidently to the end.

High Point Adventure Park

Those who want to give High Point Adventure Park a try can purchase their tickets right at the park, or they can get them at the Koh Rong Dive Center and many of the hostels and resorts on the island. Each ticket is good for a full day, which is excellent because no one leaves after just a couple hours.

That ticket price includes a person’s admission into the park, as well as the necessary safety equipment, a High Point Adventure Park t-shirt, a bandana, and water.

The park is open from nine in the morning until six in the evening and twelve people can be in each group. Everyone must climb up with a group and the group start times are at half past nine, half past ten, one in the afternoon, half past one, and four in the afternoon. Anyone who wants an even better experience will want to check into the Jungle After Dark and Sunrise in the Jungle options.

Anyone that is still not sure about visiting this little gem in the middle of paradise will want to check out these High Point Adventure Park reviews from past guests:

Coach Nat was Awesome!

Our nine and ten-year-old children were quite hesitant about going up so high into the trees, but Coach Nat was amazing with them! He helped them conquer their fears and had them confident and raring to go in no time. This is much more than a high wire course. There are plenty of obstacles and each one offered great views.

A Great Adventure!

I highly recommend this course! The ropes course was so much fun, and Nat made sure that we were safe the entire time we were there. He even taught us about the different trees and wildlife. This is definitely a 10 out of 10!

High Flying Fun

Our leader was Nat and he is simply fantastic! He had our entire group laughing hysterically all afternoon, yet he made sure that we were safe at the same time. This is a must-do activity on the island of Koh Rong.

An Awesome Activity

We had Nat as our guide, and he was crazy fun while we were tackling the ziplines. He genuinely loves his job, and while he takes the safety aspect seriously, he is all about the fun with everything else. I think that it was his passion for life and the island that made our experience that much more special.

Fun and Challenging

The High Point Adventure Park is absolutely worth it! I did this with my two kids, who are 11 and 8, and we all had a blast! We have ziplined before, but this one was slightly more challenging than all the others. While I may have been nervous in other situations, I quickly realized that High Point has taken a lot of things into consideration, because every section was one hundred percent safe. The instructors were even right there when we needed help with the last zipline, which was great since I had no idea how I would have managed it alone with two kids!

Really Nice and Only Thrilling Adventure on the Island

When a person visits Koh Rong, they must be aware that there is not much to do, other than relax and then relax some more. However, High Point Adventure Park offers visitors an adventure of a lifetime in the middle of all that relaxation.

Loved It!

We had an hour walk to High Point Adventure Park from our accommodations over at Long Set Resort, but it was completely worthwhile! We all enjoyed the challenges, especially the very last zipline that is one hundred and thirty meters long.

High Point Adventure Park on Koh Rong is one of the must-do activities for those who are staying on the island. While one day is normally enough for most visitors, a few may find themselves going there for some fun a couple of times during their stay.

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