Four Tips to Opt for the Best Hotels in Koh Rong Island

Four Tips to Opt for the Best Hotels in Koh Rong Island

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Are you in search for a family friendly hotel in Koh Rong Island? If yes ,then it is sure that you will find a wide range of hotels in Koh Rong, but these hotels vary themselves in the services they offer. There are some hotels that have swimming pools, while others offer tour facilities. Thus, it is quite difficult to find out the best hotel, but there are few tips considering which you can find the best hotel.


Location is the first thing that you need to consider. It is wise to choose the location that will suit everyone. Make sure that the hotel is present in an area from where you can have an access to everything. Do not opt for the hotels located in a lonely place (no doubt it may cost less).rather opt for the one present in a crowded place so that you will not face any problem if any difficulties arises

Dining options:

It is wise to book a hotel that provides dining options. There are many hotels that provide these services, but there are some that do not. Having these facilities in a hotel can help you to eat delicious foods at a less price and also they charge the money either at the time of booking or at the time of check out. If you opt for foods at the outside hotels then you can end up paying more money. Thus,it is always wise to opt for the hotels that provide dining facilities.


Before opting for any hotels, make sure that the hotel is flexible. The tastes and interest of the people varies from one to another. So, if the hotel is flexible then all your family members can enjoy the trip according to their wishes.

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While booking a hotel in this island, make sure that the hotels offer all the facilities at a less price. If you are booking a hotel for all the family members, then ask the hotel to provide you rooms in the same floor. Ask them in details about the services clearly. And while booking hotels it is always advisable to book in advance.

To book hotels in Koh Rong, the internet is the best place. You can read the reviews about many hotels on the internet and can opt for it according to your wishes and requirements. On the internet you can find many sites offering booking services for hotels in this island at an affordable price and Koh Rong Island Official Travel is one of them. It offers information on Koh Rong Island, its nearby cities, activities to carry out, etc. Apart from this, here you can book your flight tickets and hotels in advance on this site. To know more, visit this link

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