Everything You Should Know About Koh Rong Island

Everything You Should Know About Koh Rong Island

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koh rong long beach

koh rong long beach

Koh Rong Island!!!One of the greatest surprises one can have in his/her life of travelling. Reaching there by boat from Sihanoukville, you can know whether it is an underdeveloped island or an unbearable group of drunken tourists. Yes..you are lucky ..It is an unspoilt paradise of transparent waters, sand beaches, etc. that are meant to be explored….

About this beautiful island

This island lies 25 kms south coast of Cambodia and is 45 kms by boat from Sihaunokville. It is not a luxury island, because this island does not have a power supply and even today there power cuts are quite common. There is a wide range of accommodations on this island that ranges from dormitories to bungalows. There are no air conditioned rooms in this island and similarly hot water is considered as a luxury.

How to Get there?

Yes, you can get down at Sihanoukville and travelling from this place to Koh Rog is quite easy. Depending on your time, you can either hire a boat or can travel by means of a fast boat which usually takes 1 hour. Both of the boats are available twice a day. You can get the tickets from any the tour agencies. There is one stoppage for both of the boats and this is the Koh Rong Saanloem.

What type of accommodations are available?

After arriving at Koh Rong ,it is sure that everyone might be thinking where to stay. Here, you can find a variety of accommodation starting from dormitories to high class bungalows. There are plenty of places to select from and many tourists are happy with the accommodations. These are available either at the beach or within the walking distance from the main beach. Apart from these options, you have another option to choose from. You can talk to the driver of a boat and ask him to take you to any resorts on this island.


Here,you can find a large variety of foods and the prices is quite affordable. On this island most of the guest houses have their own restaurants and thus delicious foods are available in various restaurants. You can get everything starting from fresh fruits to western items like Pizza, burgers, etc. .But most of the restaurants serve dishes like rice and basic stir fry.

This stunning island offers a lot of things to do. For those who wish to take a break from their hectic schedule to those who wish to spend quality time, this island is meant for all. Do you want to know more about this island? Contact Koh RONG Official Travel. This website deals with information on Koh Rong Island, which involves its accommodation, nearby places, tickets, how to get there, activities to carry out, flights, beaches, etc. Click here to know more http://kohrongislandcambodia.com/

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