Cambodia, the destination of Chinese Tourists

Cambodia, the destination of Chinese Tourists

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It was March of 2014, when for the first time, visit Sihanoukville, an important center of the Cambodian coast.

I saw a city in the midst of change. The era of backpackers, free beaches and unspoiled nature was already over.

My Lonely Planet guide (printed in 2009-2010), had already become old.

The first tourism was made up of backpacker (many young Westerners) who came to Cambodia for the low cost of living and the relative freedom and tolerance for the use of drugs and substances. The very first who arrived on the Cambodian coast and settled here could get an easy success. (In fact, there was nothing!).

The weather was really a problem being able to find a restaurant, a bar, or a double bed decent, so if one opened any business could have some success, but when I saw Sihanoukville in 2014, the most appropriate definition is: “it is neither fish nor fowl.”

Hundreds of small guest houses and restaurants, several structures had been built, often without rules. huts or houses with tin roof opposite the beach or in the immediate vicinity, illegal building.

A big, old port for ships with an old railway with coal locomotive still in operation; and then the beaches, those closer to the city full of plastic waste, the total lack of a system for the treatment of water, a few kilometers from the city, a huge SEZ (special economic zone) with all kinds of factories, specifically: textiles, clothing and footwear.
The question was, what kind of city would become Sihanoukville? industrial, port or tourist?
The country that is helping Cambodia to find an answer to this question is China


Last year (2015) Chinese investment on the coast of Cambodia, and Sihanoukville in particular, have increased to reach almost $ 100 million. The China project is simple, offer cambogia technology and equipment in exchange for raw materials and building permits.
China is committed to building brand new buildings with water purification systems, improve roads, improve environmental cleaning. The port of Sihanoukville will be increasingly used for tourism. The cruise tourism industry in China has registered 400% increases also are already several projects parties, some concerned the development and construction of the first marinas for yachts mooring in Cambodia.

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Cambodia will become the sea of China, which is the destination for beach holidays of the Chinese middle class. Asians do not like the sun, they go to sea in the evening or early morning, but they love very much gambling, nightclubs and karaoke in particular, and the Sihanoukville area with its casino is the only place on the coast where gambling is legal. So the question where to invest in Asia, the best answer is on the Cambodian coast: beaches, gambling, nightclubs and karaoke for the new Chinese middle class. about half a million Chinese have landed this year off the coast of Cambodia, and is bound to increase. Many of them have already bought houses and apartments that do not exist (because they bought on the draft Charter), the beautiful skyscraper below has already been sold for 50% and there are still three years to completion.

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