A Few Things One Should Know Before Visiting Koh Rong.

A Few Things One Should Know Before Visiting Koh Rong.

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Are you planning a tour to Koh Rong Island? If yes…then there is really one thing to say….do it.Till now Koh Rong is no doubt an undeveloped island, but the pure white sands, transparent water is what that has made this island being visited by a large number of people. And of course, this is one of the best destinations to keep your foot on.

For those who are in search of lots of activities, this is one of the best places. Apart from partying there are a lot of things to carry out in this beautiful island. No doubt diving and snorkeling are usually done on every island, but here the best thing that one can do is just relax and rest. Even you can go to the jungle with a guide. No doubt you can do a wide range of things here, but before visiting the island there are few things that you should know. They are as follows.

No ATM facilities

Remember, there are no ATM services in Koh Rong, therefore, it is wise to carry enough money with you so that you will not face any problem.

Full of Vibes

This is an amazing place. The nature as well as beaches is beautiful in their own way and the people are so good that they can do everything to make you happy. This island is a very quiet place to chill.

Long Beach

This is an amazing beach is Koh Rong. This is located 45 kms away from this island and people reach here by means of hiking. Here, you can find monkeys and other animals too. Even you can get a chance to watch the sunset.

Boat Tour

On this island there are large numbers of boat tours. You can go for snorkeling, fishing, etc. with the help of these boats. But before opting for this, ask them in detail about the price. They may charge more at the end so make it clear before you opt for it.

Power Cut

Everyday there is a power cut in this island. So, you have to get prepare for this.


Here, you can get food at a very less price. You can get a wide range of foods including drinks. Does not matter whatever food you want, you can have it. There are a large number of restaurants those who offer food services.

Thus, above given are few things that one should know about Koh Rong before visiting. Would you like to visit? If yes, then contact Koh Rong Island Official Travel. Here, you can book your bungalows, hotels.etc for your trip. Even you can get detailed information about this island and also can find flight tickets. To know more, visit this link www.kohrongislandcambodia.com

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