5 Reasons Why Koh Rong Island is liked by the Tourists.

5 Reasons Why Koh Rong Island is liked by the Tourists.

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You might have heard from people two words repeatedly those who have travelled Cambodia: Koh Rong. What is this? You might have wondered any day? You might have thought of visiting this place once? Right!! Well, Koh Rong is nothing but an underdeveloped paradise island. But why do people like this island? Any idea??Well, this article will let you know few points that can prove that the Koh Rong island is liked by tourists visiting the place.


The main town of Koh Rong comprises of bars and bungalows, therefore after staying a couple of days you will be acquainted with everyone. These people usually love partying and the party usually takes place on the beach. Because of its small community, the people are very much community oriented.

Sparkly Phosphorescent plankton

On this island you can find a large number of amazing phosphorescent planktons. If you dip your hand in the dark water during night time and shake the water, then you will be surprised to found that a flurry of light at your fingertips. And it will seem as if the stars have fallen down from the sky into the water.


There are twenty three beaches on this island. The water of the beaches is quite beautiful.

You can take dips in the water and can retreat in the sand. As discussed, there are a large number of beaches on this island and the best among them is the Seven kilometer beach, By hearing the name you might be thinking that it is stretched seven kilometers with sand, but no it is not like that. Rather, it is a jungle trek.

Apart from this there is another island located nearby and this is called as Koh Rong Samloem which is quite peaceful and serves as a perfect place for the honeymooners. The sparkle of the sunshine in the water, the spectacular phosphorescent water is what that can make you to say awe.

Scuba diving

If you wish to have an adventurous day, then it is a good to opt for scuba diving. There are few types of equipment that are required for this and either you can rent it or collect from the resorts you are staying. This is the best option to enjoy the island from the underneath of the water. The water is amazing with beautiful sea life.


This is another activity carried out on this island. There is a wide range of fishes that you can catch and it is sure that you can get a chance to catch a big fish. Similarly like scuba diving, fishing also requires some equipment and you can rent them and enjoy fishing.

These are the reasons why this place is liked by the tourists. If you are interested in visiting this beautiful island you can contact Koh Rong Island Official Travel. It offers detailed information about this island, including its nearby places, hotels, bungalows, etc. Even you can book your tickets here. To know more, click here www.kohrongislandcambodia.com

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