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The tiny island of Koh Seh is just off the coast of Cambodia and is near to Koh Rong. The small island is just 2.9 square miles with its shortest point being just 1.1 miles across, something that could be crossed in about 15 minutes.

Koh Seh Island, also known as Koh Ses, is located in the Gulf of Thailand is about 1 mile south of Koh Thmei Island and just six miles from the mainland. Koh Seh means “horse island” and get its name because the tinny islet of Koh Ky gives it an equine look to it.

Unfortunately if you are searching accommodations for Koh Seh Island, there are not available to book for now, so we suggest to plan your trip on these suggested cambodia’s islands:

This island is uninhabited, but tourists have camped out on the island for some time. In fact, there are very few man made structures on the island, so much of the island’s natural beauty has been completely maintained. In 2015, the island became open to developers, so there will likely be bungalows and dormitories that will start to appear late in 2015, early 2016.


The Beauty of Koh Seh

This island is a spectacular island to visit, especially for those that are true nature freaks. Because the island is part of Ream Natural Park, many of the plants and animals you will find are protected, meaning you can see some of the most spectacular plants, insects, and animals that the planet has to offer. In fact, this nature preserve is home to the largest number of endangered and threatened species on earth, so there are species of wildlife you will find nowhere else.

Getting to Koh Seh

To get to the island there are ferries that will take you here. There is only one daily ferry that travels to Koh Seh as part of its normal routine, but you can hire a ferry to get out to the island. The trip is no more than about 20 minutes, and costs $5 per person. You can arrange for round trip accommodations.

What to Do on Koh Seh

Many come to the island to camp out. Because there was no domestication of the island for decades many chose to come here to just spend a few days camping under the stars. There are great places to set up a tent and enjoy the stars, or you can just set up a hammock in the trees and enjoy a nice night swinging in the breeze. The temperature is always quite warm so you will have a nice night of sleep, that is if it does not rain, something that is a definite possibility.

There are daily tours to the island as well that you can join. Lunch is served during these trips and you can enjoy a day swimming in the waters, snorkeling, or scuba diving. The waters are absolutely amazing, and the life under them is even more amazing. You will see a wide variety of unusual fish and sea life, and since the island has not been domesticated for so long there are many incredible coral displays that you will make you awestruck.

The treks through the jungle are spectacular as well. You will find incredibly decorated birds, and the tours that come to the island offer activities for visitors. You will surely have fun.

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