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Koh Russei, which is also called Bamboo Island, is located about six miles off the coast of Sihanoukville Province in Cambodia and is near to Koh Rong. This is a beautiful island that is part of the Ream National Park, a nature preserve which protects the largest number of endangered and threatened species of life on the earth. It is a truly amazing place.

Unfortunately if you are searching accommodations for Koh Russei, there are not available to book for now, so we suggest to plan your trip on these suggested cambodia’s islands:

Koh Russei

The Demographics of Koh Russei Island

This is one of the smallest islands of the region, spanning just one half of one mile in area. The length of the island is just 1 mile with the width being about a quarter mile at its smallest point and a mile wide at its widest point.

For many decades, this island was used as a small outpost for the Cambodian Navy, however, the desire to generate greater tourism to the country has opened the island as an amazing place for people to visit. The great bulk of the development of the island will occur in 2016 which will be discussed more in a moment.

Getting to Koh Russei Island

You can fly either to the capital city of Cambodia or go to the Sihanoukville airport. From either airport you will be driven by shuttle to the dock area where you can catch a ferry to the island. Ferries leave twice a day from the shore on a regular schedule. You can also hire a private ferry to take you to the island. The trip is a shorter duration of time, but costs slightly more. No matter which ferry option you select, you will pay no more than $10 for a one-way voyage.

An Up and Coming Island Resort

While the country was not domesticated for many decades, even after some other islands turned to tourism, Koh Russei remained a land that many visited but there was not much manmade invention on the island. That will be changing in 2016 as there are plans to really develop this island into one of the premier locations to visit.

In that year there will be a fantastic new hotel built, that will be up and running that year. This will be the tallest building among the 23 islands of Ream National Park and is intended to give visitors a different kind of accommodation than what is available on the other islands.

What Is Available on Koh Russei Island

This island is a great getaway because many of the activities you can do on other islands are also available here. There are beautiful beaches, incredible areas to swim and go scuba diving, and the green areas of the island house incredible animals, insects and plants. You will truly love the experience.

While this may seem like a rather mundane reason to visit this island, one of the things that visitors truly love is the incredible looking shells you will find. Because so many different kinds of sea life live around the island, there is a host of incredible shells to find, many of which you will simply not find anywhere else on earth.

Even the island has not been completely developed yet, it is still an incredible place to visit. In the year 2016 we will see some big changes and it will be a real amazing time for all who visit.

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