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koh rong hostels

Choosing an accommodation for your next trip to Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem will be much easier than you think, because there are so many fantastic options currently available and many new ones being constructed. Of course, each one of the available accommodations have different price points, which means that you can spend anywhere from very little to a ton of money for your stay.

Thankfully, most of the Koh Rong hostels will allow you to have amazing accommodations complete with spectacular views and friendly staff without making you break your budget!

Here are 6 favorite Koh Rong hostels that you should consider, as they offer cheap accommodations for your next trip:

  1. Nest Beach Club

Nest Beach Club

This Koh Rong hostel can be found on the sand of Longset Beach, and as their guest, you will have access to their private beach area, as well as their garden. All their rooms are mixed dorms, but you will have plenty of privacy when you are sleeping in your bunk bed each night. The Nest Beach Club’s dorm rooms have tiled floors, air conditioning, and a small seating area. During your stay, you will find yourself enjoying a continental breakfast every morning and the rest of your meals will be full of European cuisine at the in-house restaurant. If you love to dive, or are interested in learning, the Koh Rong Dive Center can be reached via a twenty-minute walk. If you plan on booking accommodations at this Koh Rong hostel, you should consider flying into the Sihanoukville International Airport, which is the closest airport at fourteen miles away.

  1. Suns of Beaches

suns of beaches

As a guest of Suns of Beaches, you will find yourself capable of visiting Koh Touch by taking a fifteen-minute boat ride or tackling a one-hour hike. This hostel is near Longset Beach and you will wake up every morning looking out of your room’s windows towards the water or the beautiful and fragrant garden. While you can choose a bunk bed inside a dorm room at this Koh Rong hostel, there are other options. Those options include a tent, family room, and even a double room. Every guest must share a bathroom, but that is much easier than it seems. During your stay, you will have access to a private beach area, as well as the barbecue area for making delectable cuisine.

  1. Dragonfly Guesthouse

Dragonfly Guesthouse

The Dragonfly Guesthouse is only steps away from the main beach on Koh Rong Samloem, which ensures that you will have plenty of time in the sand and the water during your stay. This Koh Rong hostel has mixed dorm rooms complete with futon type beds, but you can also choose to stay in one of their double rooms or their family bungalow. Every guest needs to share the bathrooms that either have a regular shower or a more traditional Khmer-style bucket shower. You can start and end your days in the private gardens or on the sun terrace and the time in between can be spent participating in many of the local activities that include snorkeling and diving. To experience something a little different, you may want to consider a trip over to Song Saa Private Island, which is only a little over nine miles away.

  1. Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem

Mad Monkey Koh Rong Samloem

Mad Monkey is one of the favorite and most popular Koh Rong hostels and you can find it over on Koh Rong Samloem. This hostel has numerous mixed dorm rooms, where you will sleep with a total of either four, six, or ten people. However, you can also choose one of their standard rooms that are perfect for three people and look out towards the sparkling water. In the mornings, you can enjoy either an a la carte or continental breakfast before heading down to one of the hammocks that swings over the water or simply returning to your balcony to look out towards the same water. There are plenty of things to keep you busy during your stay, but it will be the nights where the staff members perform that will be your favorite memories.

  1. Yellow Moon M23

Yellow Moon M23

The amazing Yellow Moon M23 is a fabulous hostel on Koh Rong Samloem and you will find it directly on the beach within M’Pay Bay. You will have an option of an eight or ten-person dorm room for your accommodations, but you won’t be in there for anything more than sleeping since there is a gorgeous shared lounge area. That large open space is filled with hammocks and sunbeds, which are perfect for those days when you want nothing but a little relaxation. If you want something that is a slightly more special, you should consider taking a short three-minute walk to the nearby natural pool or take a boat ride over to Song Saa Private Island, which is approximately ten miles away. Your evenings can be spent at the bar, where you can drink your favorite ale or one of their specialty cocktails.

  1. Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones

During a stay at Lazy Bones, you can choose from a shared dorm, double rooms, or a private bungalow. Some rooms will have you sharing a bathroom, while others will have bathrooms that will give you the ultimate in privacy. No matter which accommodation you choose, you will find that there is a seating area in your room, so that you can enjoy the free Wi-Fi that is included in your stay. You can also venture out to the shared lounge, where you will easily make a few new friends, and you can then all venture over to the bar for a drink before grabbing a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant.

There are many other Koh Rong hostels for you to choose from, but these six have been favorites of frequent travelers. These Koh Rong hostels can easily be booked online, but you should also be prepared to extend your stay once you arrive, as everyone seems to be swept away by the beauty of the island and all the fun that they can have while they are there.

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