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Koh Rong Island is a beautiful place to take a vacation for many reasons. One of the things that people like about staying there is that there is so much to do. Because of the climate and location there are a great many fun and exciting activities for a person to do, whether he or she is traveling alone, with their spouse, or with their kids. It is truly an amazing place to visit for sure that will give you activities to do all day long if you so desire.

It does not matter if you are a land lover or someone who wants to get into or under the water. You will love the many things that you can do there. Here is a sampling of the many things that are available to you…

…By Land

For those who are looking to spend time out of the water, you will find that there are quite a few things available for you to do on Koh Rong. It all depends upon how much energy you want to expel.

High Point Adventure Park

For those looking to spend some of their vacation above the ground, there is no better place to do so then in this great adventure park. Placed within the tropical forest area of the island, this is an amusement park built almost entirely of ropes. Those entering the park can swing between trees on zip lines, travel across the river on a rope bridge, and use platforms to navigate over the treacherous land below. If you are looking for an incredible adventure that will make you feel like Indiana Jones, this is the place for you. In fact, your entire family will love this adventure.

high point-rope park-koh rong

Forest Area

Most of the interior of Koh Rong Island is a very dense rainforest area. This area is home to a large number of threatened and endangered plants and animals, which makes it one of the most interesting places on earth to see. You can simply follow the trails around the forest area and see the many exotic plants, animals, and insects, or you can join a guided tour. The cost of most tours is about $5, and takes about three hours to see the area.



If you just want to have a relaxing day in the sun then you will surely love the incredible beaches that are on the island. There are over 23 kilometers of beach area, with many of it being quite secluded. Because only a limited number of tourists are allowed on the island to ensure that the protection of the endangered islands is maintained, it is not uncommon to find places on the beach where you may be the only person for hundreds of yards. You can find activities on the beach, like volleyball, but if you want to get away from it all and have a nice day to yourself, you will easily have the opportunity.

For more information about beaches, read: best Beaches in Koh Rong

koh rong long beach

koh rong long beach


If you want to just enjoy a nice day on the island while also getting a little exercise, then you will find ample opportunity to do so. There are over 40 kilometers of trails that head to the four villages of the island, as well as to all of the various beaches, and through the scenic parts of the forest. You can rent a bicycle for a few dollars a day and travel around the island, or simply take a long walk. In fact, many people come to the island and spend a few days doing nothing but backpacking around. It is a great place to enjoy the outdoors.


There are four villages on the island that are all near the small resorts. You can find many shops, small restaurants, and events that occur as part of the village. The people are very friendly and have great stories to share. You will love the opportunity to get to know the people for sure.


…By Water

For those who want to get into the waters around the island, you will find a great deal of things to do to occupy your time.


Starting with the basic, the waters around Koh Rong are warm and enjoyable for those who want to swim and splash around. In the bay you can find waters that are a bit more peaceful, but none of the tides are too much to bear, especially along the reef. Great activity for the whole family.

koh rong swimming

Scuba Diving

If you want to explore the waters but do it beneath them, then you will love the scuba diving. There are incredibly exotic fish, coral, and plant life that you will get to see, and you will love how amazingly beautiful the water is. There are tours that can take you out deeper into the Gulf of Thailand to do more deep water scuba diving, or you can rent a boat and do this on your own. You may also decide to stay closer to the island, and you will not be disappointed you did. It is a lot of fun for sure.

There is equipment for you to rent so that you can go scuba diving. For those who would like to learn how to dive there are classes available that range from beginner to more advanced. If you want to add a scuba diving adventure, you will most certainly have the opportunity to do so.

koh rong diving


You can simply fish along the shore, join a tour, or rent your own boat and go out for a day in the waters looking to catch “the big one.” There are great fish to catch, and many of the resorts on the island offer to cook your catch for you, just as you would like or with their own twist to the taste.



For those who really want to live it up, there are places in the gulf where you can catch some incredible waves. You will be hanging 10 for sure while you ride the waves in some of the most beautiful waters on earth. You will for sure have a lot of fun and have some great tales to tell.

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